MYou tinies discussion

Sep 21, 2016

    1. Junky Spot seems to order the tinies in pink skin.
    2. Thanks Nancy. I like the color. It looks more normal on my iPhone.
    3. Congrats on your new boy! :daisy He is so gorgeous! :D
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    4. Thank you Oliveoil, nancy_schroeder_ca, and PeppermintPocky! He's really amazing!

      And he has the cutest little chubby feet! I hope buying shoes for him won't be an issue.
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    5. I am really enjoying Loretta and trying to be patient for Lorina. Myou 30cm can wear Iplehouse KID outfits. :)

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    6. @Oliveoil, She is adorable! I have a few KID clothes! I'll have to try them!
    7. Oliveoil - Wow! She's really darling! I love her! :aheartbea.

      And that outfit is too cute! :fangirl:

      (Thanks for the info on the Iplehouse KID outfits fitting.)
    8. Thank you Nancy and Rabbit-Moon!
      I have more outfits I will try later.
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    9. Can she wear IP shoes too?
    10. I use YOSD shoes for my KIDS and she can wear those. I do not have a pair of shoes from IP directly.
      Hope that helps. :)
    11. Thank you. I have a stash of IP shoes and clothes and no one to wear them. It looks like I NEED another Myou :)
    12. I have some BID/KID shoes some place. I will try to find them and try them on.
    13. Oh Wow Rabbit Moon he is so handsome! :D If I wasn't out of dolly room I would be very tempted to get one of these, but no where else to put any new bodies :pout:
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    14. Wow! Thank you Merlin's Mom! Isn't he gorgeous? I was very pleasantly surprised by how nice this doll is. I really am considering getting another.


      The only bummer is, I can't play with him yet! He is one of my Christmas gifts from my husband, so I had to put him back in his box, and now he's hidden somewhere where I can't get my hands on him! Ugh! I want to play with him so bad! :...(

      C'mon Merlin's Mom! There's always room for just "one" more tiny! Your little girls would go nuts over this handsome boy! :wiggle
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    15. What a great Christmas present! Your husband is the best :) I have two dolls on order and I am not sure where they will call home. I am not one for getting rid of one to get a new one so I will just have to admire your little guy:pout:
    16. So happy that pics are showing !
      Olivoil, How cute your girl is! She looks adorable in her outfit.
      Gorgeous, gorgeous boy Rabbit-moon. Before you know it you'll get your hands on him.
      My Lorina is finally dressed and I was able to get a pic of her.
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    17. I hear you Merlin's Mom on not being one to get rid of a doll...once these little guys arrive I have a hard time parting with them.

      Wow! Two more coming? I'm curious, if you don't mind, what little lovelies are arriving that could stay your hand from ordering this gorgeous boy? (As I'm already a big fan of your tinies doll crew.)

      Thank you Theresa! Christmas can't come soon enough! I already have the cutest Doll Heart outfit waiting for him.

      Wow! Your Lorina is Beautiful! What a lovely face! Is that the company face-up?
    18. Thank you
      Lorina's faceup is the factory faceup Rabbit-moon. One thing that I have never understood is why some artists paint the lips such contrasting shades. Does anyone know why this is? I love Lorina's look, but her lips are a little too much two toned for me.
      I bought her Boneka shoes in size 45X and they fit her perfectly. I hope you no one minds another photo? These are her boneka shoes.
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    19. Her Boneka shoes are great! I love her dress too!

      On the lips, I think the artists try to develop a unique style.
    20. Your girl is adorable! :D

      She's beautiful! I especially love how her hair is styled.