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MYou tinies discussion

Sep 21, 2016

    1. just popping in to say i fell in love with Sylvia, so i ordered her in tan....Typically how long is the waiting period?
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    2. I've been in love with Myou dolls for so long and JunkySpot is really tempting me with their sales. I'm honestly in a dilemma because I really want a Tang Tang because she is adorable and I really want a 1/8 scale. But I also really like 1/6 Lorina because I'm absolutely smitten with her face and it seems like it's easier to find yosd clothes than lati yellow size. I also heard that Myou normal is similar to Luts and I really want to hybrid my Luts head so I want to see the resin match personally before ordering a 1/4 body. Is Myou's normal skin really as yellow as it appears? I dont think JunkySpot offers normal pink so I really dont have a choice I guess...
    3. There is always the choice of ordering from Myou directly or one of the other retailers. Clover Singing offers free shipping. Myou has regular discount events. I think Junky Spot carried normal skin which is not vary yellow. Myou also has a yellow skin. Here is their color comparison: BJD MYOU DOLL
    4. Thank you sm! I think I'll just wait for the Christmas event to order. I've been waiting for a couple years to get into this hobby, so waiting for another month or two won't hurt lol.
    5. Hi, is your Dollheart outfit a Yo size? If so, does everything fit well? Even the dollheart shoes?
    6. Has anyone ever put a different head on the myou 1/6 30 cm body? Wondering if a dear valley head would fit?
    7. Captin Janeway: Don't know if this is of any help, but I've put a DiM Chloe head (21cm, Sweet type) on the 30cm body, and this is what that looks like: [​IMG]DiM Chloe and Laia hybrids by Wolfboy141, on Flickr
      The one standing next to the Chloe hybrid, on the left, is a DiM Laia (17cm head, Happy type) on the DiM Sweet body. That head is closer in size to the Dear Valley 1/6 heads (around 16.5 cm).
    8. Thanks and l well be trying the dear vallyv head on this body tomorrow.

      What do you think of the dim head on this body dose it look good?

      What do people think of the myou 1/6 head?
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    9. Hope it is okay to post a photo of Myou Tiny Feng Linger. :)

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    10. @Oliveoil, Of course! She is adorable!
    11. What lovely babe! Creates excellent festive mood :treecookie :hollyberry:candycane
    12. I got my boyfriend this cute little doll sized bible for Christmas (It's real!), and the colors just match Gemini's look so well.

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    13. That wig looks adorable <3
    14. Thank you, @Kitanya! Believe it or not, I had it hiding away completely unused for nearly a year before I decided to try it on Gemini. :sweat
    15. It's so pretty! May I ask where you got it from? ♥
    16. I purchased it via Taobao! Original listing can be found here.
    17. Thank you! I thought I bookmarked this thread but didn’t...reason for late reply.
      Thank you! I need to find more wigs. They have tiny heads.

      @NekoNyanMew Gemini is very pretty. Great find on Bible. :)
    18. I just received my first Myou 30cm girls! They are both Pink skinned. The redhead on the right in this photo also has body blushing. The Blonde came from Dolks and I ordered the Redhead from Alice Collection. The Redhead has the inside of her head signed by the faceup/body blushing artist. Her head is blushed to match her body blushing it seems.

      I am waiting for a Pink skinned Silvia elf 30cm Myou girl who will be blank. I will send her for a faceup/body blushing when she arrives. I made the gown and bonnet for them after pattern adjustments for such large hips. The patterns for Meadow Dumpling dolls have similar hip measurements.

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    19. Just wanted to pop in and say I'm adding a little normal skin Silvia from junkyspot to my doll family! It's not quite instant gratification -- I mean, I still have to get back to uni (the shipping address) before I can collect her -- but I've loved her since she came out. Was hard pressed to pick between her and Martha, but seeing a few more pictures of Martha in the marketplace really convinced me. I like Silvia's expression better. The fun part will be making clothes, since she can't steal clothes from any of my other dolls. I wonder if scaling my American Girl patterns will work...? The proportions look about right...
    20. I am using patterns for the Kish 12 inch dolls and enlarging the hips for the Myou 30cm dolls right now. Let us know if the American Girl scaled down patterns work.