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MYou tinies discussion

Sep 21, 2016

    1. I got my tiny Delia about a year ago. She's by far my favorite doll. Her body is gorgeous (pear ver.) and so beautifully sculpted. She poses like a dream and has little to no problems standing on her own. I just wish they would come out with double-jointed arms for the pear body since I like to pose my dolls in cutesy ways :sweat
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    2. I absolutely love MYOU as a company. Also since I got my MYOU Fayne (on a girl body) I am in love with her :3
      Wanted to share few pics, so people can find home photos, I didn't find much when I ordered her.

      Also like her posing abilities. I think they are great for her size
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    3. Your Fayne is adorable!

      Some quick checking of a scaled down American Girl pattern (printed at 50%) suggests that dresses and tops are likely to work okay on the 30cm body, although the fit may not be the most flattering. (American Girl dolls are roughly shaped like gingerbread men, after all.) I wasn't super crazy about any of the patterns on my hard drive, though, so I decided to redraft Hyacinth's christmas dress for a smaller body! (She's wearing it in the picture, excuse my messy desk and bad lighting.)


      It's going to be a simplified version of this burdastyle pattern. Hopefully it'll fit okay enough that Silvia will have something to wear until I can make something just for her!
    4. Just a heads up to anyone with the 17cm tinies, My Life As (You can find them at walmart) Mini clothes work perfectly with them![​IMG]
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    5. [​IMG]

      Finally, two of my dolls photograph well together! Although Silvia needs better eyes and a decent wig asap, she looks silly in any of Hyacinth's spares. Also, the dress fits! It's a little loose around the waist and a little tight in the sleeves, but she can certainly wear it without any issues. Once she has some better clothes, it can take on a second life as a christmas ornament...

      Her head is SO BIG! I didn't even realize, but putting her next to Hyacinth... dang.

      I'm not sure what to name her yet. I'm thinking something latin/roman, maybe Carina or Aurelia.
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    6. I just love looking at everyone's cute dolls! Oh my gosh I'm so excited that those Walmart clothes will fit. I really need some better duds for my new girl. She's a Feng Linger I got for Christmas and I just found an old wig that fits her so it's her temporary one. Even though nothing on her is quite right, I just think she looks so cute! I really want to post pics but I'm going to have to make a Flicker account or something first.
      What scale furniture do you all use for these? It's hard to find things in 1/8 scale and I kinda like an oversized look to the furniture (since they're children) so things scaled for 1/6 (like Barbie furniture) usually look weird. I apologize if this has been discussed before, I'm still new :)
    7. I think I figured out photo hosting. This is Jane.


      [​IMG]Jane standing by Emily Finhill, on Flickr

      *Edit* Ok clearly I haven't got the hang of this yet and now I can't figure out how to delete my comment. This is really embarrassing. Sorry everyone!
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    8. You can't delete a post. On a PC there is a little grey triangle at the bottom of the post. On a cellphone click on tools at the bottom. then you you can "report" the post ans ask the moderators to delete it.

      Edit: Posts from flickr don't seem to be working at the moment. Hopefully it's just a temporary problem.
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    9. Thoughts on the two new 1/8 kiddos MYou just added? Adorable outfits and such, but I'm not sure how I feel about the increased head size. However, variety is the spice of life, and that's a good thing ;)
    10. @thealienprince Thank you sharing! The outfit looks great on her. Where did you get the wig? The smaller eyes have an interesting look. I like it.

      @rebeccag12363 I think they look cute together. The dresses are lovely. Did you make them?

      @palabracadabra Congratulations on Feng Linger. Don’t you wonder where they get the names? I am in need of renaming Doudou. LOL.
      yours is super cute. I like the wig and style you have dressed her. I love how they can hold things. Mine has a bear she won’t let go of. As for furniture I tend to use oversized pieces.

      @Deb@Play I am having trouble with Myou site. It will not open. I did find them on another site. I don’t like the hearts on cheeks. The outfits are very cute. Not sure about the head. Variety is good. :)
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    11. @Oliveoil I ordered the wig from facets boutique. It's a Monique Lucky in 4-5. The eyes do have a very interesting look! It took a little getting used to to be honest.
    12. Deb@Play: Do they have a size 5/6/ now?! They are cute, but I'd prefer they stick to size 4.

      Little Monica did these tinies (BonBon Harmony) with nearly 7" heads!

    13. Do you know if you can gey them with no hearts?
    14. @Oliveoil Yep, those are my handiwork! The 45cm version is from a scaled down Burdastyle pattern, and the 30cm version uses similar shapes/proportions for the pattern pieces, fit to the measurements from the MYOU website. It made me feel a lot more confident in pattern drafting, to be honest.

      @Jillybeans57 I inquired with MYOU about alternate faceups, and they said it was okay to request a faceup from one of their other dolls if desired. It seems likely that if you asked for no hearts, they could do no hearts.

      I'm currently trying to accumulate materials to style Silvia a bit more like a Tolkein-esque elf. She has a long silver wig that arrived today, but I need to see if the student mail center put it in my postbox or if I'll need to pick it up when they process it tomorrow. I also ordered her some dark blue Mako Eyes. I've done some design sketches for clothing, so time to draft that pattern/hunt for the right material. My stash back home will be a good place to start. ^.^
    15. Yes, I forgot about that. They do take requests and very good about honoring them with no extra charge.

      @thealienprince Thanks for letting me know about wig. Now I recognize it. Very cute on her. I like the color. I have it in bleach blonde but size 5/6.

      Is anyone having trouble accessing Myou site? I can open everything else but this site. :(

      @rebeccag12363 I envy those that can draft their own patterns. I can make small changes but no way can make my own. The dresses are beautiful. You did a great job. I love the idea of long silver wig. Please post photos when you get a chance.
    16. [​IMG]

      Long silver wig: obtained! (and I do mean LONG, it's probably midcalf or so! I also got a short silver wig for a more modern look.)
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    17. That's a great wig!
    18. Oh wow!! It is perfect for her. I like the color and style. :)
    19. I was curious about the new larger head on tiny body, so I put Luts (14cm) Tiny Alice (5/6 wig size) on the Myou tiny body. It looks cute. I should take measurements to make sure it is same size as Myou new head.
      I prefer the boy and Myou said I can request boy head with face up on girl body. I am tempted.
      I am not sure what happened with photo. Trying again...

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