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Sep 21, 2016

    1. @OtakuSquirrel I can send you my sewing pattern. It’s for a semi- fitted elfy dress and a tight fitting under vest/ collar. You could easily cut the bottom short and use it as a tunic. (It's ankle length as is.) I think I've come up with two different sleeve options (fitted or flared, as pictured --flared lets you use a fun sleeve lining fabric for extra shiny) and if you make it out of a knit or some other fabric that doesn't fall apart easily (maybe a thin flannel, if you like the rough edge sort of look) a hem would be optional. Her little sash here is just a long ribbon looped twice around her waist and tied in front.

      I haven't made a pants pattern yet, though, so I can't really help you there. :/

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    2. [​IMG][/IMG]
    3. [​IMG]

      Here is my Yvonne. Obviously I do not know how to make this photo go the correct way. I find it hard to attach photos in this forum . I have a hard time getting wigs to stay on and it frustrates me.

      If I had to do it again, I would spend the money on body blushing.
    4. [​IMG]

      Here is my Tang Tang. I really like her. But I am having a hard time finding clothes and shoes. This is a tiny Riley outfit but is really too small. I purchased the wig from an artist in Russia...worth the wait. It is the only wig I have e Dr been able to get on a doll and it stayed.
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    5. @Jillybeans57 Your Tang Tang is adorable! May i ask who made the wig?

    6. Wow she is so pretty !!! Thank you for this photo ! She looks super sweet. :love
    7. The sleeves are wonderful and the flare on them is perfect for something fantasy themed- Yes, that would make for a great tunic! I guess I really should give in to the idea that I'm going to have to work on my sewing skills. XD
    8. Your girls are adorable. For wigs staying on, have you tried a wig cap? Or some people use things like hot glue or double sided tape.
    9. These are really nice looking dolls, and love the outfits!
    10. Yes, without any sucess to wig caps.
    11. I used an Imda 3.0 romper pattern created by OddPrincess (Etsy) for my 30cm Pink skin Doudou. I did have to enlarge the original pattern which was created for an Imda 2.2 doll. I added short sleeves and a few extra embellishments to the pattern. I didn't have to make any alterations since their measurements are similar. I am waiting for two Imda 3.0 dolls (Elodie and Amellia) and hope that my three MYou 30cm dolls can share all of the clothes. The 1/6 YOSD shoes do fit the MYou 30cm dolls.

      I will make an elf/fairy outfit for my Myou 30cm Pink skin Silvia elf before she comes back from her Angel Toast faceup and body blush. I also ordered shimmery fairy wings for Silvia from EnchantedFae3 on Etsy.

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    12. Thank you for the size reference! That is soooo cute.

      I think I must get the new 1/8th boy doll... just too cute.

      Sorry if I’ve already missed this, but do Lati (etc) Clothes fit (ish) but look short? That might be cute. :)

      Thank everyone for the lovely photos!
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    14. omg how did I miss this post? :frownyblush:

      I managed to find a similar one via Aliexpress. I've never been able to complete a transaction in Taobao but that listing has a color that I'm definitely interested in for my tinies ; w;~
    15. Sorry it took so long to get the fantasy pattern up! :frownyblush: my printer/scanner was kind of buried and I only just unearthed both it and my pattern... Anyway, posted it to the Patterns section here.
    16. Pattern book of clothes. In reply to the clothing discussion my I offer a brill book that is available on the authors website in English is called Little Amelie Doll Sewing Book. this book has 10 patterns for 3 sizes of doll.
      cardigan, a line dress, long sleeve t shirt, Mexico embroidery dress, newsboy hat, bell bottom overalls (dungerees), skirt with pockets, blouse, maxi dress and hooded coat.
      dolls listed lati yellow, middle blythe. odeco & nikki, Rurulo and Licca gen 1, Blythe and pure Neemo s, Licca Gen 4, momoko and Jenny, Volks Yosd
      If you look her up on You Tube she also has a flip through of the book so you can see the patterns before u buy the book, if u don't want a paperbak, you can also buy patterns as downloads from her Etsy store. poppyw
      HAven't been able to try them out yet as my hands are currently poorly but the book is wonderful, high quality paper and all the patterns r printed full siz so u don't have to re size them. Great if you want to have a starter and not draft from scratch, u could easily modify the various patterns into so many more designs too.