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MYou tinies discussion

Sep 21, 2016

    1. Therese52: She looks so cute here, just love all the colors!
    2. Thanks! I try to make doll clothes with bold colorful prints and enhance the fabric with embellishments. Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric is one of my favorites.
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    4. @smilingcrescent your little RouRou is adorable!!! Is her skin the white tone?
    5. Myou 30cm Doudou in a new Ballet dress I made. I just ordered Myou 30cm. Nina as well. So hard to resist the Myou dolls!

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    6. I love that dress!! I'm thinking about picking up a Doudou....my husband probably wouldn't be too happy if I did.....but they're only on sale for a few more days so that should make it OK, right? :lol:
    7. It's been a while since I last had a YoSD (the doll in my avatar was rehomed a while back).
      Is it easier to find clothes for a 27 cm body rather than a 30 cm MYou doll?
    8. Looking at the measurements for the two bodies, there isn't a ton of difference. I think the biggest problem is the hips. The 30cm body has some pretty big hips....though if the doll will be wearing dresses, that isn't too big of a deal. My 30cm is currently wearing a Honey Delf outfit and it fits her pretty well.
    9. I think that you should go for it! You can never have enough dolls.
    10. Yes, white skin tone! :) They're my first tiny BJD in white skin, but it suits Tomu... ❤️

      Anyone else have a tiny 1/8th size?

      The 30cm bodies are so cute. ❤️❤️
    11. Hello! Sorry if this is a repeat question, but I wanted to know how well the 1/6 dolls stand on their own. I've seen lots of people displaying them on stands.
    12. My Silvia stands very well in shoes. I haven't tried her barefoot.
    13. @animatedash My Silvia stands perfectly well barefoot, even in some relatively dynamic poses. I wouldn't do it indefinitely -- seated or able to lean against something is probably safer long-term -- but she's pretty stable.

      A suggestion on sewing for these little ones -- I'm working on a romper using a Pixiefaire American Girl pattern, printed at 50% scale so it fits the bust measurements. I'm adding 1.5cm to the waist, though, because my mockup came out a little bit short through the torso. It's loose enough over the hips that I'm not too concerned about the fit there, but I'll modify this post if I have problems. An American Girl sized shirt pattern printed at 50% (and very likely a dress printed at 50% as long as the skirt isn't too fitted) looks like it'll fit a 30cm body beautifully. Knocks the seam allowance down to 1/8" in the pattern, but that's manageable if you're careful and fray-check everything.
    14. I have also been adapting patterns for my Myou 30cm girls. I used a new Trentsation pattern for the Meadow Dumpling dolls. I had to lengthen the Top's Length and the bloomer's torso by adding 3/4" to the bloomer's waistband top. The neck also had to be widened.

      Here is 30cm Doudou wearing the modified Top and Bloomers. I still need to enlarge the neckline a bit.

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    15. Hey all! I'm currently thinking about buying a 30cm Delia, since I am in love with the body and head sculpt! However, I want her to be pals with my other YoSD who has a more traditionally sized head that fits 6/7 wigs. The height difference is fine to me, but I am worried about Delia's head looking gigantic next to my other girl. Does anyone have any photos of their doll (doesn't have to be Delia) next to a more traditionally sized YoSD?
    16. You might ask if you could get the MSD Delia head on the 30cm body.
    17. Can anyone compare the posing abilities of a Myou 30cm body vs iMda 3.0? I'm considering trying a hybrid of an iMda Colette on a Myou body. Thank you!
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    18. I have Myou 30cm dolls and Imda 3.0 dolls. I use doll stands for both but the Myou dolls are much better at posing! The Myou 30cm dolls can stand on their own and their limbs can hold positions much better. I love the look of the Imda 3.0 dolls but their long arms are very difficult to position.
    19. My Myou Silvia 30cm just arrived after her AngelToast Faceup and body blushing. I dressed her in a lovely outfit and sparkling wings from amazing Etsy sellers. She looks like an Elf-Fairy in Wonderland!

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