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MYou tinies discussion

Sep 21, 2016

    1. Thank you so much for this information! I really like the look of the Myou 30cm body. :)

      I've already seen pictures of your pretty dresses on iMda, they look so nice on Myou as well.
    2. Thanks! I do have to modify most patterns to allow for the wider hips on the Imda and Myou dolls. My Myou 30cm. dolls are all in Pink skin.
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    3. Myou 30cm. Silvia likes to cuddle with her new Teddy Bear!

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    4. Does anyone own 30cm Xiaobuding? I've only been able to find one other owner on instagram. I've googled him and tried to find more pictures but he seems unpopular.
    5. My Xiaobuding arrived. He doesn't have any proper clothes or a wig yet, so he is dressed up as a girl for now haha

      His nose and cupid's bow remind me of Volks Yosd Puff :)

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    6. Your Xiaobuding looks so cute !!! I really love the eyes as well. Is that the company face-up ? It looks amazing. :love
    7. Yes, it the company faceup. I pulled the eyelashes off because they were so long they looked like spider legs across the face. The eyes are also from the company.
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    8. I didn't even notice the eyelashes were gone :lol: He looks so sweet and innocent.
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    9. I'll have to post a picture of him with his new wig and boy clothes. He's even cuter with his boy items :D
    10. yay - Just got shipment notification for my Myou tinies - Feng Linger and Dudu. Can't wait for these little ones to join my group. They're already named Fern and Quill and I have plans for them to be little elf like gardener and writer. :love
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    11. Oooooooooh I can't wait to see more pictures of him :) This sculpt really suprised me. :)
    12. Are the myou 1/8 and 1/6 bodies double jointed or no? I really like my peanut joints, but the sculpting is so pretty on these dolls... Every time I see owner pics I fall in love again! :D
    13. @Beedalee I believe all MYou bodies are double jointed!

      In other news...I recently ordered a brand new Lorina to reshell Gemini into. The 'Normal Skin' has yellowed so much over the years and her poor body has endured quite a few scratches. I'm really excited to reshell her into a 'Normal Pink' body, just hoping her original faceup artist will still be around to work on Gemini v2.0.

      Here's a quick photo that I snapped today!

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    14. @NekoNyanMew Really? Even their knees? I know the 1/4 bodies are DJ (also love!!) but I feel like I don't see anyone pose the 1/6 or 1/8 myous in the kneeling position or touching their faces, so I wasn't sure if those round ball joints allowed for it at the smaller size..

      Your Gemini is an absolute darling, btw!! I love the little longer tufts of hair framing her sweet face :aheartbea
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    15. Upon further inspection...you might be right. The round ball joints seem to have the mechanism for double-jointedness, which is probably why I got confused. But as I try to pose the doll in more double jointed positions, there's not much there to actually hold it in place.

      I feel like it's pseudo double-jointed. :XD:
    16. Ahhh, so it's like that! I knew it! I suspect that if they were wired they'd totally hold 'double-jointed-esque' poses fine (at least in the arms) since the balljoint doesn't really stop you from moving them that far, right? It just doesn't like... hold the arm/leg in place by itself, either? Too round, not enough peanut shape. As you said... "pseudo-double-jointed!" :XD: It could still tempt me, maybe... The bodies are sooo gosh darn cute.

      Thank you for checking for me!! :aheartbea
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    17. The 27cm body is double jointed. The peanuts fit tightly in the lower limbs so you need to very purposely pull them out. There are pictures on the body page on Alice's Collections here: Doll Parts, MYOU Doll - BJD Dolls, Accessories - Alice's Collections
    18. My Pink skin 30cm. Myou Nina arrived today! She is wearing 15mm Eyeco soft glass (silicone) Louisiana Iris eyes.

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    19. @nancy_schroeder_ca Ah, yes!! I knew the 27cm bodies were DJ, thank you though! I was wondering about the (newer?) 30cm bodies (and the 17cm bodies) which seemed to have more rounded looking ball joints than the 27cm body so I thought they may have lost some mobility in place of aesthetics. I'm sorry for not being clearer before! :sweat

      @Therese52 She is absolutely darling!! Wow! Those eyes are so beautiful.
    20. @Beedalee, You are correct. The balls give less range of motion but the aesthetics are great.
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