MYou tinies discussion

Sep 21, 2016

    1. I just could not adjust to Nina's black mouth coloring, so I softened the line myself. I think that she looks much better now with her modified mouth and a new wig color. Today she starts her modeling duties and it looks like she is a natural.

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    2. @maboroshi, your Xiaobuding is so adorable! May I ask, is he on the 27 or 30 cm body?
      I love him as a girl!
    3. 30cm body
    4. Hello! I did a bad thing and ordered an insta doll from JunkySpot! She's on her way to me and will be arriving soon. I ordered a Delia on the 30cm body. I adore the pear body and can't wait to start sewing pretty little outfits for her. Her name is Ingrid and she's a little witch. I have so many plans for her. She's coming with a faceup and I might wipe it. I'm not sure yet. It depends on how I feel about her default. Myou does beautiful faceups, but I feel they can be hit or miss. My Matcha's faceup was a hit for her character but I'll have to wait and see. Does anyone have a Delia to share? Most of what I've been able to find is the 1/4 version.