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MYou tinies discussion

Sep 21, 2016

    1. I just could not adjust to Nina's black mouth coloring, so I softened the line myself. I think that she looks much better now with her modified mouth and a new wig color. Today she starts her modeling duties and it looks like she is a natural.

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    2. @maboroshi, your Xiaobuding is so adorable! May I ask, is he on the 27 or 30 cm body?
      I love him as a girl!
    3. 30cm body
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    4. Hello! I did a bad thing and ordered an insta doll from JunkySpot! She's on her way to me and will be arriving soon. I ordered a Delia on the 30cm body. I adore the pear body and can't wait to start sewing pretty little outfits for her. Her name is Ingrid and she's a little witch. I have so many plans for her. She's coming with a faceup and I might wipe it. I'm not sure yet. It depends on how I feel about her default. Myou does beautiful faceups, but I feel they can be hit or miss. My Matcha's faceup was a hit for her character but I'll have to wait and see. Does anyone have a Delia to share? Most of what I've been able to find is the 1/4 version.
    5. Myou 30cm. Doudou #2 just arrived with her wonderful new Faceup and body blushing by AngelToast. She is wearing 15mm Masterpiece Rhineland Soft Glass eyes and a Carrot Red wig. I think she is a Ginger cutie!

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    6. My 1/8 Rourou. The tinies have bigger heads now. My Taotao wears a size 4 wig.


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    7. Oh! Has anyone decided to get the mature tiny dolls? (27.8cm right? And 28.8cm boy)

      I love the look of them, but am trying to enjoy the dolls I have currently, but am sooooo tempted by the tiny ones.
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    8. I am going to order both! Myou is offering free shipping before the 22nd of September. These little ones are being discussed here: Mature 1/6 Dolls - part 2
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    9. Has anyone put a smaller head on the 30cm body? I'm in love with the pear shape and have a head I'd love to hybrid, but the head I have is smaller than Myou yosd heads. My dfa head has a 14cm head circumstance and 6.2cm neck. I don't mind having to make a neck smaller/thinner, but I haven't been able to find smaller heads on the 30cm body as reference. I'm worried it might look too small. >.<
    10. OMG she is gorgeous!

      Where do you purchase these dolls, direct from MYOU or are there other suppliers?
    11. @Cap'n I think a 14cm head would look small on the 30cm body.

      @Xanadu Dolls I usually order from Myou, but there are a number of other options, including Alice's Collections, Legenddoll, Clover-Singing, Stacy's Pink Ocean and Junky Spot (in-stock dolls but usually only normal skin).
    12. I usually order the dolls directly from Myou but have also purchased them from Dolks and Alice's Collection. There are two Facebook Myou doll groups as well where members might sell their Myou dolls.

      Here is another photo of my 30cm Doudou with an AngelToast faceup wearing a Liberty Hello Kitty print dress I made.
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    13. Thank you both, I'll check them all out. :hug:

      I love AngelToast's faceups. I have actually seen her work on dolls here in Australia. Your dresses are really pretty Therese, and Liberty fabrics are perfect for small dolls. I'm actually planning to visit their London store when we visit next year, so I may need another suitcase. :wiggle
    14. Quick question about silicone wig caps..I recently received a DouDou (love her so much!!) and I'm wondering what size silicone wig cap (and wigs in general) she would wear, 6/7 or 7/8. I can't find the answer on the Myou website or in this discussion, though it's got to be here somewhere! Suggestions much appreciated
    15. If you look at the listings in the head section, the 1/6 head has a circumference of 19.2 cm or 7.6 inches.

      Thec1/4 head has a circumference of 18.5 cn or 7.3 inches.

      Generally both take a 7-8 wig although a stretchy 6-7 might fit the 1/4 head.
    16. Should have clarified - it's the 1/6 size measurement of 7.3 inches that I'm trying to find a cap for. :)
      I was thinking the cap/wig situation might work like human wigs, where the wig cap is smaller than the wig. I've never seen a silicone cap in person, so I have no idea how sizing them works, or how the DouDou head compares to what is expected to fit in a 6/7 or 7/8 cap.
    17. My instinct was that you would order the same size as the wig. I checked on Denver Doll Emporium and they do say to order the same size as the wig.
    18. I use a 7/8 size wig cap on all of my Myou 30cm. dolls.