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Sep 21, 2016

    1. Gotcha. Thanks.
    2. I noticed Loretta in the 1/6 size say her head is closer to MSD size? Bixuan is 17cm so that is 6-7, but they are listed as 19.2cm, so that's 7-8. I'm wondering if I should be buying an MSD sized wig (7-8) for her now if I get her. I'm guessing the measurement on the site is correct, but I want to be sure, anyone know?

      Thanks for your time! :)
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    3. I imagine that Lorina's and Loretta's head are about the same size. 19.2cm. I have a 7/8 wig on my Lorina and it is a perfect fit. Hope this helps!
    4. Hi everyone! I just received a little MYou Ziyan in the Junky Spot sale. I really love her, very impressed with the quality! Unfortunately, I've not been able to get good photos because of our very dark days. Her lovely delicate blushing doesn't show. I don't have a wig yet for her, so she's wearing a 'hat wig' I had lying around. Now I need to make her a dress of her own.

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    5. Awesome, thank you for that, I really wanted to make sure with the dolls being the same size but different size heads from the others they sell. That defiantly helped thanks again! : )

      She is so cute! I really like the shape of her lips and that hat wig actually looks really good on her! Congrats on getting her, shes stunning!
    6. Thanks so much skyf! I do like her a lot! Lol! That hat wig never looked good on any other of my doll family. Perhaps I should search for a wig in that colour, so the girl can take her hat off.
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    7. I actually only recently became familiarized with MYOU since I always wanted a "baby-like" MSD but I ended up falling in love with Lorina. She is absolutely stunning! I wanted to order her in tan on the 30cm body (it's so adorable) but I'm a bit hesitant due to the size for clothes. I read earlier in the thread that she can wear IH KID clothes.

      Could she potentially wear slim MSD skirts / shorts? Going by the measurements it seems she could fit some.
    8. I'm curious, has anyone combined a 1/4 head with the 27/30cm bodies? I love the Delia face but would like to put it on a' younger' body so was wondering if that would work!
    9. I'm actually curious about putting the Lorina head on an MSD body... so it's a bit of the reverse of the above. Basically... I just really would love to see Lorina on the 30cm but without wig so I can appreciate the head to body proportions. They have great shots of the body on their website, but she has a wig on and it makes it hard to tell how that head looks.
    10. Not a great picture, but here is Lorina on the 30cm body
      [​IMG]. by nancy_schroeder_ca, on Flickr
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    11. @nancy_schroeder_ca Thank you so much for that shot! It's totally helpful! I really do love that 30cm body. It's so delicate and graceful. Do you like her posing abilities? I've heard great things about their movement.
    12. They pose beautifully!
    13. I agree! The posing is wonderful. :) I see they have added a new face to the 30cm. Very pretty!
    14. And a new 30cm boy body!
    15. This company is definitely trying to kill me! Doudou (boy ver.) is absolutely adorable. I told myself that I wouldn't have boy dolls because I honestly have a hard time bonding with them, but geez — MYOU makes that resolve so difficult.

      I had been hoping they'd release a 30cm boy body... just because I might collect dolls that represent my characters as kids since SD's aren't for me... and this is pushing me to do that! I'm glad to see they are releasing new sculpts that live up to and seem to even surpass their previous molds (which are already so gorgeous.) I am truly impressed with this company. My friend got a doll from them recently and she's raving about them.
    16. The new tiny sculpt is irresistibly cute! I love it! :aheartbea

      The new body is interesting. 5Star did the same thing with their new 26cm body, making it wide in the hips and butt. I can see a girl body with the fuller hips, but a boy body not so much. Am I the only one who thinks that looks kinda weird?
    17. I was a bit disappointed when I checked out the body pictures to see that it was basically the girl 30cm body with a different gender. I would have liked for the hips to have been a little narrower on the boy 30cm body, just like we often see in our larger scale dollies. For me, it isn't so much that the hips look "feminine" but rather that I prefer my boys with narrow hips. It's an aesthetic thing for me.

      In the promo pictures, he definitely gives the "boy" vibe, but not everyone is going to style their doll like that. If I wanted to put him in little skinny jeans and a hoodie the wide, round hips would be obvious. Would people assume it is a little girl with short hair? Maybe.

      This sort of gender ambiguousness doesn't bother me, personally, but if you're a collector who doesn't care for ambiguity or likes an androgynous doll... it might be an issue.
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    18. I agree. I also don't have a problem with androgynous dolls, but that big butt is going to play havoc with finding boy pants or jeans that fit him properly.

      Luckily for me, it looks like they haven't changed the 26cm body, and that is the height I prefer. It just makes my life easier when I can find clothes that fit without any hassles. I'm a very lazy owner. :sweat
    19. I know! That's actually what has held me back from ordering Lorina in 30cm but I much prefer how her head looks in that body. For some reason her head seems bigger than the other YOSD cuties.

      Maybe it's my imagination.

      Doudou is tempting me. He's too cute!
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    20. I'm really wanting a BiXuan, but don't know what skin color to get!
      If you have a doll with white skin, is there any slight green tone to the white resin? It's hard for me to tell by my computer screen colors.