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Sep 21, 2016

    1. I ama really tempted by the Doudou girl. I think she would make a great little sister to Delia when she gets here. I did order Bixuan for her sister but I tink the new one resembles Delia's sculpt more. Has anyone else noticed how very cute the bottoms of Myou's feet are? They have arches and toes - their little feet make me so happy :)
      Ziyan is so pretty!
    2. I have Loretta and Lorina in white resin. It does not have a green tone. I think it has a pink tone and very pretty.

      I will have look at my girls feet! I never noticed. :)
    3. Would you mind posting a side by side pic? I'm having a real hard time deciding
    4. I have posted this before but it may help you. Ziyan on the 27cm body is Normal pink and Lorina on the 30cm body is white skin. Their dresses are white.
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    5. Sybil is another in stock from Junky Spot. I wouldn't change anything about her :)

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    6. bajib, your Sybil is lovely. I really like the Sybil sculpt.
    7. Thanks Rabbit-moon. I wasn't expecting to like her so much -- she is more versatile than I expected, too.
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    8. ...I was saving up for another doll and was going to buy them a few days ago... then the 30cm Doudou appeared... took me a few days to decide, but I ended up caving last night and buying the girl version. xD That's my two dolls that I was saving for now, both from Myou, and I couldn't be happier! It will be nice to take a brake from saving up for dolls and having extra money in the bank instead. I'm so glad Myou came out with DouDou before I bought the other doll!

      Now I just have to wait for them! Bixuan has been 7 weeks now, and that went pretty fast! Can't wait, I want to make clothing for them! :D

      Oh wow, so pretty! : D Sybil really is so nice, love that wig too!
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    9. Ahh, sorry double post! ;_;
    10. Congrats! I am totally smitten by Doudou as well - she's just adorable :aheartbea I love the lighter, softer faceup they've given her!
    11. Oh I know, that's part of what I adore about her! She's the perfect older sister for my Bixuan! I feel so lucky that she came out right before I bought a different doll!
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    12. bajib Sybil is so cute! I am with you very tempted to order Doudou. I am nervous about the heavy blush but many Myou dolls do not have it. I wonder if they only do it on white resin?
      What resin color is Sybil?
    13. Hello Oliveoil! Both Sybil and Nianer are the pink resin and I think their blush is soft and natural looking. I don't have Myou WS to know how it compares. I had my order for DouDou and the new SD all filled in and then reality set in and didn't send it. :(
    14. Thanks. I am thinking they blush more on WS. Both of your girls are very pretty. I am tempted to buy Sybil to see if I like the pink resin. Nancy's photos are helpful comparing the two colors.
      The pink does look natural.

      I can relate to reality setting in. Happens to me all the time. :) Their prices make it more tempting.
    15. Thanks for sharing again! I was undecided between the 27cm and 30 cm bodies so this is really helpful. I prefer how the 30cm body looks but was worried about getting clothing for it. But being able to see the two bodies next to each other has confirmed that the 30cm looks better for what I want. I'll just have to get better at making tiny clothes XD
    16. Nancy, would you say Myou pink is similar to Rosenlied white resin? I am trying to get an idea how pink it really is. :)
    17. I will do a comparison in a couple days. I have company for a few days!
    18. Thanks! Enjoy your company. :)
    19. Those of you that have the normal resin would you say it is a yellow or pink tone?
    20. I would say more on the yellow side. It's my least favored color.