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Nabarro’s Boys discussion thread

Oct 4, 2011

    1. Although there are not many Nabarro's heads on DoA they still deserve to have their own discussion thread I believe.
      A lot of photos can be found on Nabarro's blog.

      So far there is Wally (LE 20)

      and newly released Har (LE 50) --> will be released at the end of October (see post #21)

      Looks like in some of the photos they are on Spiritdoll Proud body (link).

      Wally measurements:
      Head: 22.5cm
      Eyes: 10mm
      Neck: 10.5cm

      Har measurements:
      Head: 22.5cm
      Eyes: 10mm - 12mm
      Neck: 12cm

      Body: 68 - 75cm

      * DoA database: Nabarro's Boys
      * Resin color comparison by Nabarro here and here.
      * Resin color and size comparison thread here.
      * DoA Wiki: Nabarro's boys
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    2. Ouah! I have never hear of or seen these heads before!!! ° o°

      They are absolutely gorgeous!

      Is there an english website or there is only Nabarro's blog available ?
    3. Not sure, haven't found any [yet]; but Mushroom here on DoA should be the right person to contact.

    4. And this is her Flickr

      Can't wait to have Har at home! <3
    5. Har is gorgeous!
      I love Nabarro's design, both heads and outfits.
      She really is a good doll artist.:)
    6. I think my breath caught when I saw Har. ;_; Why now, why!
    7. I want Har so bad.
    8. aghh Har is way to beautifull to rezist !!! But I have no clue on how I could get him..Help?
    9. I'm curious about how to acquire this beauty as well. What a stunning face! :D
    10. I didn't realize that Wally was available and now this new boy, Har! Has anyone tried Wally on a 60cm body? 70cm is too big for me.
    11. I was thinking about the size too.
    12. Man, i really like the new one... does anyone know how to order them?
    13. Wow... how much are these guys? And is Wally still available?
    14. He really is special :aheartbea:aheartbea But Wally is even more to my liking, too bad that he was limited to 20...:( Thanks for the Flickr link Carmen, those pictures are so beautiful! Too many gorgeous dolls are released at the same time these days...decisions,decisions...
    15. Very beautiful designs, and he/she seems a fantastic photographer too. *___*
      I hope he/she will sell internationally in the future.
    16. wow i think it is amazing i would buy it now if i had the money....:lol:
    17. I've got Wally - but still need to order a proper body for him.
      Spiritdoll seems to be the best one by far, I tried the head on Dollzone and on Dragondoll and didn't like the proportions much.
    18. Thanks, Reya! I was afraid that would be the case. The Spiritdoll body is pretty sweet but 70cm boys are too tall for me. Are your DZ and Dragondoll bodies 60cm?
    19. So how much is it for the heads? They are really amazing. I've got plenty of 70cm bodies and I don't think my Spiritdoll Abies will want to lose his body, but he may have to. Is it possible to get a face-up as well?
    20. There is a nice color comparison on Nabarro's flickr:
      (Thanks, Carmen, for sharing the link)

      (Photo belongs to Nabarro, link here.)

      I'm not sure how people were ordering Wally, maybe somebody could share their know how, but sending a PM to Mushroom, or asking [in English] on her blog/flicker may be a good beginning.

      Would you mind sharing any photos? Nude / full doll photos would be the best, but anything welcome.