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Naitomeadoll: Problem Transaction [Image Heavy]

Aug 27, 2007

    1. I recently purchased a DZ Ying body from Neitomeadoll. The body was advertised as perfect, just like new. Before I received my purchase I had a horrible time communicating with Naitomeadoll; by the time she mailed me with the shipping number (after I pestered her for a long while), my package had arrived.

      When I received my body it was packaged like this:


      Part of the box the body came in was ripped open and it was only half-filled with packing peanuts. The body obviously moved during shipping, as it was worn and scraped all over.

      When I took the body out, I instantly knew something was wrong with it. The joints jumped up ontop of each other, he did not move hardly at all, and I couldn't get him to do anything but lie there and look crippled.

      I took him apart and attempted to restring him, with no success. Thinking I was just not experienced enough with the body type, I decided to send it to Hellsing365, who has a shop here on DoA which does restringing.

      As soon as he got there she informed me that she thought he was miscasted. Neither of us are very familiar with that subject, but she knew something was wrong. She took some pictures of the obvious problems:


      I have sent mail to JunkySpot and DollZone to see exactly what the problem is with this doll, and requesting a refund from Naitomeadoll. The poor communication, shipping, and quality of a doll I was promised was in perfect condition led me to make this negative feedback thread.
    2. I just wanted to add that I had a somewhat unusal transaction with naitomedoll too; for a non-doll object. She suggested I pay $15 for shipping which is simply a little high, when asked about an alternative she changed her tune to "if you want to pay 10 ill make up the rest". She communicated decently with me; fast and included important information, but I was slightly uncomfortable with the whole thing. In the end, my GF paid for and picked up the item for me at a meetup and when she shipped it, along with several other items ( the one item I had bought from naitomedoll took up 1/3 of the box and is very light ) it cost her less than $5 to ship first class international.

      I'm really sorry to hear about your transaction, I think a refund would be in your best interest. Naitomedoll seems to be a little unprofessional in her business, though she can apparently complete the parts of transaction that benefit her.
    3. When I started this transaction I was offered a lower price for the doll body, $300 instead of $335. I did not request this, it was merely offered to me out of the blue.

      For the rest of the transaction I was constantly reminded that I paid less than retail for the body, when dealing with shipping and any small complaints or questions I had. I did not request or haggle for my lower price, nor did I pay lower with the agreement that I would be getting a poorly-shipped, miscasted/heavily sanded, overall unusable doll.

      Now that I am requesting a refund, I am approached with a less-than-cordial attitude from naitomeadoll. She says she "skimmed" my initial PM detailing the reason (with included pictures) for my refund. This may be a personal preference but I find the fact that this person I have paid a large amount of money to is not even fully reading messages I send to her purely for her benefit. I could have left a nasty message saying "Your doll is horrible, give me my money." but instead I took time to detail the problem and ask politely for my money back. My politeness was not reciprocated. :/

      Naitomeadoll stated that she would not pay my refund until the doll came to her. I am not comfortable with this, especially with the past experience I now have with her, and the fact that by the time he gets to her (she is in the middle of moving and refused to give me a timeline for when I could ship) my paypal dispute time will probably have run out. In light of this, and Naitomeadoll's general unwillingness to cooperate. I am filing a paypal dispute now.
    4. Partial refund will be given I just want to make sure that I get the body back I dont want to end up giving something for free. I am just settling into chicago. I find out my address tomorrow and all steps will be followed. accordingly Please note that I do not have a computer. I am using my noyfriends computer and I will also be using a computer at the library.
    5. Im really surprised that you posted this here. It was an estimaited shipping quote. Infact I didnt even ship this to you, I gave the item to momo and she sent it to you. so no shipping was even paid to me.
    6. Regardless, I had no assurance and not enough confidence in you that if I overpaid shipping that I would get it back. I'm perfectly aware that the transaction wasn't 'completed' - meaning payment and shipping - by you, and I sort of feel more glad for that. I don't mean to insult you, I just felt it was proper to leave a post about how my experience with you was. Take it with a grain of salt.
    7. I was not aware that this body was old, just for the record. I was told it moved fine and worked properly before I bought it, and I am not sure if this is Juubei and my personal opinions vs. naitomeadoll, but if I were to re-sell this body I would definitely have to mention how it doesn't work very properly according to the current doll standards.
    8. I indeed did say that iut was in great condition and I infact had bought it from juubei.
    9. Yeah, I think we (we being the previous owners, a few others, and I) have determined that the body is an older body of the current. Once I get my refund I'll be getting a new body from JS and I'll compare the two.
    10. I have a issue with Naitomeadoll also. I just never received the wig i bought from her. I bought it on 7/27 and as of today its still MIA.
      I'm actually very displeased about the whole thing the wig was actually the limited wig from the Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo set. so its not like i can just go and buy it anywhere.plus i paid more for it
      She said that the delay was do to a misprint on the shipping label. and that a firend was too ship it then send me a message regarding it. I havent heard anything after that.
    11. Update: I recently PMed Naitomeadoll about the full refund of $300 she owes me. This is how the PMs went:

      Originally Posted by L'Okapi
      Hey, I just got a PM from someone else you're dealing with so I thought it would be a good time to PM and ask how things are going.

      Originally Posted by naitomeadoll
      Waiting for my pay check i came down w a stomach flu but. Im working on it.

      Originally Posted by L'Okapi
      I hope you get better soon. <3 I have an invoice open with JS for another body but I think they're okay with letting me wait on it for a while. ^^

      Re: Progress
      &#195;&#141;m having a hard time &#195;*m still very sick and have Limited access to the internet i picked up some side jobs, so it will com&#195;&#168; im only sending half at a time to ins&#195;&#186;re i

      Get the body back half will include sh back to me,

      And if you dont like that then you can resell the doll your self.

      We originally agreed on a full refund only. It is obvious that Naitomeadoll is not someone I can trust, from both my previous dealings with her and others'. And now she expects me to do the refund on her terms (AND pay S/H to her)? :/
    12. Maybe you should consider filing a paypal dispute if you haven't already if she doesn't go with your terms? I don't think it to be very fair that you have to pay shipping back. ._.;;
    13. Yeah, I tried that but I wasn't aware of paypal insurance (yes, I know, I am dumb x_x) so I can't file a dispute.

      I have contacted a MOD about the issue, and hopefully some action will be taken against her for her repeated selling offenses. I am very close to just giving up and trying to sell this body myself, defects and all, just so I can get SOME money and get rid of this body.
    14. you have to pay for insurance on a paypal account to file a dispute? *didnt know this*
    15. Ah, yes! D: D: D: I had no idea either, but when you try to file a dispute it lets you go through the WHOLE process until the end, and then it goes "Oops, this isn't an e-bay auction and you don't have insurance! Sorry!" and then it messes up your paypal (I had a negative balance for the amount of money I was asking for as a refund which I had to fix via lots of calls to my bank and paypal). So...yes. D: It's no fun.
    16. -Problem as been resolved-
    17. Would someone please contact a mod with details regarding how this transaction was "solved"? Thanks.
    18. I PMed you with information regarding the "solving" of the issue. For anyone who wishes to know: in a stroke of luck a friend of mine offered to buy the body as a model she could practice modding/blushing on. Naitomeadoll had nothing to do with this, and I forgot to post the details leading up to her saying the issue had been "solved" in the thread, sorry.