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Narae Owners - Your Favorite Skin Tone and Why?

Sep 1, 2006

  1. Snow White

  2. Pinky White

  3. Golden Beige

  4. Tanning

  5. Cannot decide

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
    1. I am thinking of getting a Narae and I am having trouble deciding on skin tone. I made this a poll, but I am most interested in comments about the reasons you prefer the skin tone including the doll's personality, photography, colors they can wear well, fitting in with other dolls, and any other reasons one particular skin tone is your favorite.

      I think if you do the poll you also get a chance to comment. If not, please leave a comment too!

    2. hehe, Snow White 100%~! XD

      Really though, I really like this skintone on my girl, since she just has such an ethereal feeling to me already, it really fit. She's a quiet and... what's the word, capable.
      I don't find much trouble photographing her with the correct lighting, I know a lot of people have trouble with BW dolls, but I don't notice much of a difference with my NS dolls. Either way, if a photo is bad, the doll looks bad XD
      I think she matches better with darker colours, I had a champagne wig for her once, and I found it a bit on the light side. I used to have a lot of milk wigs for her, but I'm finding they don't suit her as much as say, a dark brown or wine fur.
      She fits in nicely with my gang, most of which are NS, I don't find that she's 'out of place' at all.... I don't know how to describe it, she just fits! XD
      And I guess that's all... Basically I'm glad she's snow! XD
    3. I have Chantelle who is pinky white which is slightly transparent. It goes along with her quiet personality. Her favorite color is pink. Her sister Cuervo has the tanning skintone which has a warm glow. Cuervo is more outgoing. She likes purple, orange and red.
      The white skin would make a good ghost. We may try that next...
    4. I have the tan version, and i think its a gorgeous color. Its not acctually tan at all, more of a flesh tone color...it makes her look even more real...
      Here is a picture of my Namine...hopefully i can get her a sister sometime later this year..i want the classic face and a sleeping face as well.
    5. Mia, your girl is so pretty! Zamora is tanning, and it (the tone of the skin)is very light, but clearly I am not so talented a photographer as Chocomeijin because I find her skin tone to be extremely helpful when taking pictures. I would eventually like to get a snow white Narae to make into a White Witch (Jadis from Narnia) character. Narae in any skin tone is an amazing choice. The only one I maybe wouldn't go for is Golden Beige, as I would be afraid of it turning an unattractive yellow. Here is Zamora with Sabina and Arabella, who are both very white.

    6. I like my girl's snow white skin tone; but just be aware...they can get very, very dirty. I have to wash mine, typically, once a week.

      EDIT: For reference sake and to represent the snow whites! XD

    7. It depends on what you are looking for. The beige or tanned are cool looking colors, but pinky white is the one that photographs the most realistic. It has the most natural looking tones and due to it's transculence, it photographs with sometimes eerie realism.

      I like all the skin-tones, but it looks the most natural, so it's my favorite.
    8. TANNING all the way! :)

      I like dolls with a bit of color to them. I don't like when a doll is ghostly white...reminds me of death. My tan Narae isn't super dark though...just a nice lifelike fleshy color. Here is my first pic of Hitomi:

    9. But, the white is great if you want a ghost or an ethereal character. Or a goth LOL. The first Narae I ever loved is called Lilly, and she is a ghost, like a Victorian girl. So beautiful, I swear she looked like she was going to talk to me!
    10. Lily the Ghost was my first favorite Narae as well - she's on the Melancholy Kitties site.

      Some of my pinky-white

    11. I love them all and each one provokes a different personality. However, I voted for the tanning since it looks so real and warm and if I could vote again it would be for Pinky white, natural with a hint of fantasy.

      Anna Patina (Tanning)

      Sa'getowah (Pinky White)

      *EEK they're soooo big! Lol.
    12. Yes I also have to agree. Before I thought about Narindolls, liked them, but didn't want them bad enough to spend the money, and then when I saw Lily...I knew I needed to have one too.
    13. Do you have any more pictures of Anna? I want to put freckles on a Narae soooo bad.
    14. I love my Naomi's pinky white resin...it glows!


      And a picture from when she first arrived, with her original brown eyes...


      But I also think the other skintones are lovely! :3nodding:
    15. The amazing thing is how different they all are but all of them lovely! I love Naomi, Anna, the little circus girl (she is unbeliveably cute)
    16. CarolynS.- Has this helped make your mind up which Narae you want yet, or are you more confused than ever?
    17. I chose "golden beige" for my Narae.

      Here is a comparison pic:
      NS Souldoll, GB Narae, WS Dollzone

    18. my girl arrived yesterday and she is snow white. I just love the pale skin tone.
    19. I had to think about this one. I was going to vote Tanning straight away, but read what everyone else said and have to conclude that I think if you have a character in mind then a certain colour might be better suited. When I was trying to choose I felt for myself that white lends itself towards ghostly/ethereal/gothic, pinky white for delicate/english rose/shy, beige for urban/realistic/suits many colourings and tanning as outdoors/masculine/spunky...
      Personally I prefer Tanning but I love to see Naraes and Narins of all resin types.

      Here is Oona ( now lives with a friend ), who is an original version Narae in white/pinky white resin and Feenix, on the right who's a tanning resin updated version.

    20. :D Tanning is the reason why I chose it for my Narae Tisa