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[NDLC] We offer $60 - Share photos of your Notdoll!

Aug 31, 2007

    1. Gallery for You - Share photos of your Notdoll!

      When you share your 'Notdoll' image at our NDLC Gallery, you'll receive 3point(= $3.00usd)

      10 times a month is possible, then you'll receive 30 point(= $30.00usd)

      And The winner(best 1 shot) of the momth and will get plus 30 point(= $30.00usd)

      You can use these point your next 'Notdoll' purchase in our site.

      NDLC Point will be issued at night of every day.

      We hope your kind comment for each other person's photos.

      Thank you so much for your support.

      Notdoll Lab Creation Photo Gallery is here-

      Sincerely, Notdoll Lab Creation - http://notdolllab.com
    2. Hi. Would Lucy in the Notdoll Lab count? I don't suppose Pipos and Nobility would, would they?

      Also, is this only for one month or is it ongoing? Can we accumulate credit from month to month or does it top out at $30?

      ^^' Sorry for so many questions.