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Resolved Need communication from yoniverse - RESOLVED

Jun 15, 2012

    1. I'm truely sorry to doing this but i feel that i need to.
      I've paid on 06/03/2012 the shipping fee for some Soom Arkose special parts to yoniverse.
      Since then i've sent to her other two messages on 06/07/2012 and on 06/10/2012 and tracked down the message,that are both still unread in her inbox.
      I know that she replied on 06/07/2012 to another member from another paging thread (http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?520642-Paging-yoniverse), but not me which is weird,surely she got my paypal payment but i never got confirmation from her,i've read in her signature that she's quite busy at the moment and that she is unable to ship promptly,anyway i feel that i've waited a long time enought and i just wish to know when she will be able to ship the stuff.
      So i need communication from her as soon as possible.
    2. yoniverse is already Being Paged. She was last on the forum 9JUN.
    3. Update: I got my parcel with my stuff from Yoniverse today,i consider this issue solved happily :)