Need help with Volks F-62 head measurements

Aug 18, 2017

    1. Hello,

      I am unsure if I should post this under workshop sub-forum or in discussion. I apologize if this isn't in the right place and please feel free to move it to the proper place.

      I am currently trying to commission SophyMolly on Etsy to make a short hair wig for a Volks F-62 that I ordered. I didn't realize that short haircut needs VERY specific measurement to be perfect. Since I do not have the doll yet, I can't give her the measurements myself until it arrives. Is it possible that somebody help me get the measurement that I need for the head?

      If anyone with a Volks F-62 is willing to help with measurements, I and my future boy owe you!!

      Here are the measurements I need:

      1 - head circumference (circle) from the hairline to the bottom of the neck.
      2 - circumference (circle) from the hairline to the middle of the nape.
      3 - height from the hairline to the bottom of the nape.
      4 - height from ear to ear.
      5 - Width of the forehead.

      Please let me know if picture charts are needed! I hope somebody can help me and I thank you in advance!