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Resolved Need to contact Reykur - RESOLVED

May 2, 2011

    1. Hello staff of DoA,
      on 3 of March i've joint the splt of Reykur for Withdoll Fenrir:


      I've joint for the optional parts, and accoridng to our Pm i would have go for a layaway.
      The last update of her split thread was 03-22-2011
      She send me a PM with update about the orders status back on 3-29-2011
      staing that the doll was ordered and payed in full, i've reply her right away and then asked to her to have her payment info to send the first half of my part, as we've agreed,
      she've read my PM on 3-30-2011, but no sich of payment invoice or reply
      I've sent her again anothre time a PM asking to Reykur if she can send the payment info as i need two months layaway on 4-09-2011, i've track the PM and she've read it on 4-13-2011 still no reply, no any invoice to my mail box was sent.
      I've give a second try sent her another two PM,
      one of 4-16-2011, and another one on 4-22-2011, that are still sitting in my inbox.
      Then i've noticed that another member that joint the split have my same issue, no sigh of payment invoice from Reykur.
      I'm in need to get some info from Reykur as i'm still waiting for the invoice to pay my part of split, or to know if i'm still part of it..
      I'm also a bit worried for her....
      Thank you.
    2. Reykur was last on the forum 14APR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I'm allowed to post here any further update?
      thank you!
    4. I really feel sorry for this!
      I usually try to stay in contact with people I am having transactions with. I was sick for the last few weeks and mostly had to stay in bed. There is no excuse for not letting someone else make the split members know about this so they would not have to wait without any news though.

      I send out pms to both of you just now. Hopefully with a good deal so we can solve the problem.
      Thanks for staying friendly and being as patient as the situation allows!
    5. I'm glad that finally you're fine now, :)
      i'm very sorry you've been sick really,
      i have now your payment info, and i'm going to send my first deposit for the split, ;)
      if for the MOD is fine i can stated that the issue is solved, so this thread can be closed.
      Thank you very much!