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Negative Feedback Neg. Feedback for Alysonsfriend

Dec 22, 2006

    1. I entered into a transaction with Alysonsfriend around. She was selling a head I want, really really cheap in my opinion. She said that I seemed like I'd be a great owner, and that she'd be happy to sell her to me.
      Right after the other three people in front of me. So I waited. And waited, and I even listened to her complaining about how she should have asked for more. I offered her more than she had asked and that satsified her, and it went to two people in line. I waited even longer, and finally she said the other two people backed out. ...kay.... kay.
      So I asked her if she could do a money order, and she said "What's a money order?", so I explained it and she said OKAY! SURE! The day after Thanksgiving I sent the money order out, delivery confirmed priority.
      I let her have a day to see if she'd tell me, and she said her father threw away MY money order, but was going to pay her back. Okay. Then she didn't have my address. It would go out tomorrow. Oh, I think it went out today. I think maybe my dad took it to be sent out today... I think my mom packed it up for me today.
      So finally, like a week later, she sent out the head and didn't know how or the tracking. It took another day to get that out of her. Well, it arrived just a bit ago, but I wasn't suppose to look in it because it's a Christmas gift. I wanted to make sure I could leave good feedback.

      So, finally peeked in the box to see if everything was okay. It was suppose to be a head in the Volks optional head box, a pair of eyes . And a black Luts wig.
      Well, she had told me she had sold it right out beneath me. Oh well, it was a nice wig, but she was going to put a poshdolls in with it too.

      And 'extras' for my inconvience... since it took her a while to send it out and she kind of threw away my money order.

      What it came with:
      Head and box
      a pair of eyelashes (human eyelashes.)
      And hairclips for the the wig it didn't come with.

      Now I appreciate the eyelashes, which will go on my girl when she gets a faceup, and I appreciate the cute little hairclips, but neither of their value makes up for the loss of the wig, there was nothing that said "sorry, no wig!" and when I paid for it I specfically thought there was a wig coming with my head. After all of that trouble, I didn't even get everything?

      Not to mention, I had been aware that the head had been modded, it was an older head that had been bought as an optional part, and the older F-08 of course, has a problem with dome-head. Now I was told this before, but the pictures of the head I saw did not show that the headcap is severly marred. The cap is not smooth on the outside, it does not match, (too yellow!) and on the inside it is so wrinkle it reminds me of bubblegum. Overall, the head was good for the price, in my opinion, I didn't have to sell my lung for the head I wanted, but the seller was horrible. I don't think I'll buy anything from her until she can manage to take care of her own sales, and not let her parents take care of it or sell things from beneath you.
    2. Eek, I'd seen the images of that head from the seller that Alyson had bought it from, and yes, the cap is indeed yellow all around the sides. I feel as though she should have shown that too.