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Resolved Neg Feedback for Emberly - clothing (rec'd refund)

Aug 9, 2006

    1. **Update** I rec'd a refund, but not without drama.

      :sigh This is what I rec'd and you can be the judge on the quality. It has loose threads and unfinished seams all over the place. Red thread on dark blue pants. One hem rectangular the other a trapezoid. This is the first outfit I've ever wanted to return.

    2. The reply I rec'd when asking to return it - it's not worth $5 let alone $18
    3. :aeyepop:

      The leg hems on the pants are ... certainly unique. I've never seen them as two different shapes before. I take it the original photos of the outfit didn't display this, or the threads? Or mention that it needed "simple maintenence?" :roll:
    4. Oh my, that is just outrageous.
    5. I.... dunno.

      It certainly didn't look perfect in the photo on the original thread...

      Did she have a description of the outfit like she does of the little bunny hoodie? There isn't one now, But I don't know if there was and she took it down when it sold.....
      If not, then it definitely would have been best is she did mention it.
    6. I got a sweatshirt from her... it was really adorable - the sleeves were a tad long, but no big deal.

      The thread started coming undone after just an hour or so of use, though, and I wasn't being very rough on it ^^;

      My sister's Manabu loves it, though XD He wears it all the time.
    7. I really hate to leave negative feedback for someone, but I think i've waited long enough. I ordered two hoodies from Emberly in June and still have not received them. I've been patient and understanding to her personal problems, but I really think 2 months is quite enough time to complete 2 hoodies. I PM-ed Emberly on August 9th asking for a shipping date for my hoodies and still have not received a reply, even though her profile says that she's been online since then.
      I will gladly withdraw my negative feedback when I recieve my hoodies.
    8. I just have to speak up for a second, DarkRogue, my problems with you have been solved already, though you seem to neglect to tell anyone that-anywhere. You got a full refund, including shipping.
      Celebare- I'm sorry! I've only had a long-limbed DoD boy to try it on and it could be my pattern that is too long. No one ever told me that! And I would have offered to repair it for you or some such, but you said it was okay. :( It didn't seem to bother you too much, so I thought you didn't have much of a problem with it?
      And Ready2rokk, I pmed you. I'm sorry for the wait and all, and I do apologize, because I accidently ruined one of your hoodies. I have to make a new one all over and my sewing machine isn't cooperating. If it is better, you can have a refund. I am sorry, but I am trying my best
    9. **No she didn't have ANY details in it and it just looked a bit wrinkly in the photo, you can't make out any of the actual faults in it. As I said I wasn't expecting perfect, but I would expect to be informed of how shabby, lose and thread mismatched it was. If something is that poor quality, why throw money away to have nothing usuable.

      Emberly - if I were to post the manner in which you flipped out about this, it would be more negative than this already is. All I did was post the pictures and state the facts. There was nothing about all the lose threads, mismatched stitching and red thread in the pants. Part of it were coming apart. I wasn't expecting perfect, just usable. If one or the other piece had been salvagable, I would have shrugged it off.

      I got a refund, but not after a great deal of effort and listening to you and your friends throwing fits about it.

      If you continue, I'll just post everything.