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NEG FEEDBACK for Oo Bleu - Resolved see last post

Apr 22, 2007

    1. It's been nearly a year since i sent a brand new Obitsu Gretel head to Oo Bleu for a face-up and i still have'nt recieved the head back from her, faced-up or not.
      I feel like an idiot for sending the head to her so i suppose i don't have anyone to blame but myself........however, i still think i have a right to leave neg/bad feedback for Oo Bleu here.
      If you want to trade with Oo Bleu just be aware of my experience with her.
      If by any chance i receive my head back i am quite willing to remove this neg feedback.
      I just want my brand new Obitsu Gretel head back:(
    2. You have been waiting almost a year?! Maybe it time you get the police involved.
    3. Whoa that's a long time for just a face-up x_x. You absolutely have the right to leave neg feedback but don't feel bad about it, they have your property o__o;;
    4. I waited so long because she aways replied to any emails i sent her and was always nice and explained that she had various problems that stopped her from completing the head and returning to me. I mean, i know what it's like to have stuff happen and you can't get the things done that you want to - so i gave her the benefit of the doubt.
      If i lived in the same country as Oo Bleu i would have had a solicitor/lawyer whatever contact her, i know that an Obitsu head is'nt worth a great deal but i suppose it's the principal of the thing really - she has something of mine which she has'nt paid for.
      I was especially annoyed to read one of her topics here where she says "...Here's a pic of my Obitsu Gretel head that I just finished (she is patiently awaiting a body)..." see her topic posted in the 'Doll Meet Ups' section if you are interested in reading the rest of the thread. BTW - she failed to turn up for the meet.
      All i want is my head back, or at least payment for it.
    5. You need to alert the mods to this until things are resolved. Honestly, offenses like that are cause for being banned.
    6. I just read her thread, man she thinks its her head. I would get a mod really fast to help out. It's horrible that this has happend to you. I hope you get your head back.:(
    7. I never knew that, maybe i will do that. I know i'm an idiot but i wll give Oo Bleu a week or so to see this thread and respond to my request. Last Chance!
      Then i will see what i can do with the help of a Mod.
      Thanks for your support.
    8. I just read that thread and I agree with Nani. And by the looks of Oo Bleu's signature she really does think it's her head. I'd contact a Mod fast! Good luck hun!
    9. Wow, it's just .... wow. If you do open a dispute, prove to the mods with the receipts and such you have of the Gretel head, and that you have sent Oo Bleu the head.

      She really *DOES* think the head is hers. Just..... wow......
    10. Wow. Theres a difference between being patient and passive. Waiting an entire year for a simple faceup then waiting another week for her to potentially see this thread and eventually contact you, thats just passive. If she didnt have enough initiative or honesty to give you back your head throughout an entire year, then do you really expect her to jump to her defense and resolve issues within a week? Contact her immediately. And then after a week, contact a mod. But please dont just wait a week, hoping that she will see this thread about her. Im hoping the best for you!
    11. Just a note that Oo Bleu's marketplace access has now been removed.

      Here's hoping that Mamehisa can get her head back safely. Good luck! :)
    12. Thank you Cassiel, i appreciate yours and all the mods help with this issue.
      By the way, i'm not passive, i have contacted Oo Bleu many times through PM's and email but don't care to air my problems in public most of the time - it's a Brit thing. I try to be nice and fair as much as i can and i ain't gonna be throwing myself under a bus just cos i got ripped off by someone over a Gretel head.
      I decided to post here after exhausting all other avenues to get my head back and wanted to make others aware of Oo Bleu's trading practices. There's no disputing the fact that i was upset by all this, but not enough to blight the rest of my life ha ha ha
      Life's too short for bad vibes.
    13. I wish I would be as patient as you are...
      Did you got any news from her?
    14. No, sadly no replies as yet but i now have her full home address, various email addresses etc and will continue to try to contact her to get my Gretel head back or payment for it.

      Thank you for asking, that's very sweet. ;)
    15. I have recieved an email from Oo Bleu saying that she will send my head to me.
      I will keep you posted on the outcome - hopefully it will all end happily
    16. Update - As yet i have had no further contact with Oo Bleu since receiving her last email on the 19th May, no confirmation of shipping etc.
    17. UPDATE:
      It's now the 31st May and i have still not had any further emails or received confirmation of shipping from Oo Bleu regarding my Gretel head

      The Long and Winding Road continues ever onward........:...(
    18. Have you talked with the Mods about having her banned? Or having all her access taken away so that she can only see the feedback area and PM? I would.:x
    19. As I posted earlier in the thread, Oo Bleu's marketplace access has already been removed.

      We haven't banned her because so long as she has an account here Mamehisa has one more route to get in touch with her.

      Unfortunately that's all that we are able to do in this situation -- I wish there was more we could do. :(
    20. Does that mean she can still see the Gallery and what not? I know I wish I could help more too! :(