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Negative Feedback For Alodia

Feb 19, 2007

    1. I bought and paid for a bow about one month ago, with paypal confirmation of payment 1/21/07 and have not received it, or replies to my pm's. I am not very happy at the moment. Alodia has a commision thread too for them, so I am surprised by this behavior. I'm hoping there is a good a reason for this... but as days go by and still no response.. my hopes are fading... I am very disappointed.
    2. file a claim before time runs out. Hope you get your money back.
    3. It's horrible to hear this, BBG! Have you still not recieved your bow or a Pm back?
    4. Hmm I'm waiting for 2 months for my bow now,and saw that Alodia was long time not here :(
    5. Her last activity: Last Activity: 05-07-2007 11:01 PM
    6. I also haven't heard from Alodia, I bought the Keyblade that she was selling in the Marketplace and asked for a short layaway.
      I paid on April 19th and then May 3rd was my last payment. She had Pm'ed about getting the first payment but didn't after I had made the 2nd one.
      I Pm'ed her twice and nothing she hasn't been on since the 7th but, she was on today and I haven't heard from her. I emailed her using the address form her paypal and hope to hear from her.
      But when I get home from work I will file a claim.
      As cool as the keyblade was I can use the money to pay some bills instead.
    7. I would contact a Mod and see if they can suspend her sales thread until her commissions are completed, and file a complaint with Paypal/ PO...
    8. Well for me a paypal claim is too late I think,but I will try..I'm scared to ask a moderator to close her thread,I wouldn't have any problems :blush
    9. well you wouldn't be asking them to close it, you give them the info and they will decide whether to close her thread or not...personally she shouldn't be selling more until she completes her commissions that she has going now that are long over due..

      *note* I once had a problem with a commissioned wig on here with someone, and I contacted a Mod about it, and they decided to suspend her sales thread until it was completed...she now no longer takes commissions and has closed down shop. and i did get my wig.

      you wouldn't be starting problems, they have already done that.
      just my two cents.
    10. I'm so sorry you are having problems with this seller but thanks for posting this as i was considering buying a bow and quiver from her - i shant bother now.

      I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that there are fewer and fewer reliable sellers in the marketplace and i may stop buying from DoA members altogether. (apart from a couple who never seem to let anyone down)

      I hope you all get your goods or money back. Fingers Crossed.
    11. I'm just hoping that I can get my money back I paid $93.80 for the Kingdom Hearts Keyblade. I never had many problems with anyone on DoA for items.
      Edit: I filed for a paypal claim on my two payments. Lets see what happens
    12. Hurray I've got a message from Alodia! :) She was very friendly and said my bow was done soon!! I have regret from what I've wrote before in this tread,maybe I was too impatience:(
    13. Alodia has had her Marketplace access removed and her sales threads locked until such time as she has satisfactorily completed all her current transactions and/or refunded those involved.

      If you are in a pending transaction with Alodia, please post in this thread to let us know and also update us when you receive your item or your refund.

      Thank you. :daisy

      (Please note that email/PMs and apologies from Alodia, while reassuring, do not count as the transaction being completed. Only when you have all received your items or a refund will we reconsider her Marketplace access.)
    14. I talked to Alodia about it and asked for a refund she was very nice about everything so at this time I am just waiting for my refund from her.
      Edit: Got a refund from Alodia and is waiting for it to clear.
    15. I commissioned a bow/arrows/quiver from Alodia on April 1. The items were completed and I sent final payment yesterday May 19. I pm'd her a couple of times during the transaction regarding status and she responded quickly each time.

      I have been very satisfied with the transaction to date. I'll update here once I receive the items.

      EDIT: Items shipped today 05/22/2007
    16. I bought a bow and quiver from her and it did take a long time to get the items. She's not good at responding. I think that the email address is not hers, but it's a relatives email and that may be why she's so slow to respond.

      I made a claim thru paypal before the time to claim expired, just as insurance, but once I got the items, I cancelled the paypal claim.

      I too was concerned because I wasn't getting any answers to my emails. I think she'll honor her commitments, but you can never be sure. I hope you get what you ordered.
    17. Just wanted to let everyone know I got my refund and it cleared today.
    18. I received my bow, arrows and quiver from Alodia today. They were in excellent condition and exactly as described. The entire transaction took from April 1 to May 29. This was longer than stated in the commission thread, so perhaps Alodia should adjust the estimated time to completion for her commissions so that people know what to expect. Overall, I'm very happy with the transaction.
    19. I recieved my bow today, and it was broken :( I've waited for 2 months! I wouldn't say it is Alodia's fault because the package was very carefully done,but I lost 56 euro now and I'm dissapoint.
    20. fault,sorry