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Negative Feedback Negative Feedback for Arkhangel Hamatiel

Nov 10, 2011

    1. Early September, Arkhangel Hamatiel PMed me about Volks Mika I had for sale. She requested layaway, so I said the usual ($150 non-refundable deposit, and rest has to be paid off within 3 months).
      She said she was auctioning off a body and once the body sells she would be able to pay the deposit. A few day later, she PMed me and said the body didn't sell for the price she wanted and she wouldn't be able to pay the deposit. And before I had the chance to reply to that PM, she sent me another message and said that she should be getting her birthday money soon. Then she sent me $2.17 as her first payment.
      I usually don't hold dolls or mark them as "sold" unless I receive the full deposit, but she said she really wants to go through with the purchase. This was on the 17th of September. She promised another payment on the 29th of September, because that was her birthday.
      29th went by and I waited another week. No news. I finally PMed her on the 8th of October and asked if and when she was sending her second payment and this is what I received in reply.

      For over a week she kept me in the dark and didn't mention that she wouldn't be able to go through with the transaction. I had to PM her first and ask.
      I did tell her that I will be leaving a negative feedback and she did agree to it. As for $2.17, I do not want to keep it and I intend to return it to her if and when she gets her PP account reopened.

      To conclude, Arkhangel Hamatiel is a very friendly and nice person, but I would never do another business with her. Like I said, I do not hold dolls unless deposits are paid for, but I made an exception for her because it seemed like she really wanted to buy my Mika. Instead, I wasted one month just waiting and hoping that she would send over the rest of the $150 deposit.
    2. Please post a link to this thread in Arkhangel Hamatiel's feedback thread.