Negative Feedback Negative feedback for Emberly

Sep 13, 2006

    1. I commissioned Emberly in June for two MSD sized hoodies costing $15 (I think, it was a long time ago). From what I understand she was having personal problems in July that was causing a delay in my order being finished. I know that life happens and told her I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer. In August she notified me that my hoodies had been finished, but there was a spill in her sewing area and my hoodies were used to wipe up the mess, but I would get new ones soon. I messaged Emberly on September 9th asking if I will ever get my hoodies, and I have yet to recieve a response. I know $15 isn't a lot of money, but its still money that i've lost. I just want my hoodies or a refund. :vein
    2. I'm sorry to hear that...did you look at Emberly's profile to see if she has been posting here lately?
    3. I just checked. It says she was last online on September 8, so she probably hasn't seen my most recent message, however that doesn't excuse the fact that she has not bothered to update me on the progress of my hoodies since mid-August.
    4. She used a commission to wipe up some mess?

    5. Extra absorbent paper towels, anyone?
    6. I am so stupid for not looking at her feedback thread before I even considered starting a transaction with Emberly. :doh She said she would get back to me about the downpayment tommorrow on Saturday and I didn't hear back from her until Thursday when I PM'd her, and I got the same response, I'll talk to my grandmother about it. So I sold it to someone else, and now she left some ridiculous contorted feedback on my thread.
    7. O______O That's ridiculous!!!
      I always have some extra fabrics I might use just in case of some "disaster"like spilled tea or coffee.

      I hope you 'll at least get your money!

      I'm an idiot. Like drowningindolls, I should have looked at her feedback before I traded an oldskin body for her Domuya flexibody. When I saw this, I had already shipped the body.

      When I have recieved her body, I realized that the trade unequal and unsatisfactory. It smelled of cigarettes, is loosely strung, and was sanded in other areas NOT described on her trade page. I got very angry and upset and demanded recompensation. On her thread, she said she'll offer cash or do a partial trade to make up a difference so I figured she'll keep her words and understand my demand. However, she refused and offered excuses, saying I was being childish and used Domuya as a scapegoat. In fact, she was being irresponsible and refused to take responsibility for the poor condition of the Domuya body. Rather, she dumped it on me.