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Negative Feedback Negative Feedback for JrockHeven

Dec 6, 2017

    1. Negative Feedback for JrockHeven

      On June 1st 2017 I contacted JrockHeven regarding her two SOOM Eden twins.



      We agreed on $800 shipped with insurance.

      On June 12th the dolls arrived broken with broken fingers and holes in the clothing.

      JrockHeven asked me to refuse the package to have it sent back to sender. I could not to that because the package had already been signed for.

      The dolls had not been packed properly.
      The dimensions of the reused box JrockHeven sent were 26.5" x 11" x 4" for two Idealian dolls. The box as low quality, the cardboard had no rigidity to it. The package weighed 10.7 lbs while the dolls, nude on their own weigh 9 lbs. The quality of the packing was woefully inadequate especially given that this was an international transaction. The dolls were broken due to her negligence in packing. I would not have mailed one doll is that box let alone two.

      But since the package was insured I filed a claim with FedEx.
      As part of the case I had to present the package in person to have it inspected. A whole lot of confusion with FedEx ensued, including leaving the dolls in their possession because the person who did the inspection was not in.

      On July 20th I let JrockHeven know that the claim with FedEx was being forwarded to Parcel Force because they were the freight forwarder (this is the shipping company she used in the UK and they use FedEx to make their USA deliveries). As I am not the sender of the package I did not receive any updates directly.

      On August 6th JrockHeven said she had not heard anything.
      Again, on September 8th JrockHeven said she had not heard anything from either Parcel Force nor FedEx.

      On September 28th, I called FedEx and they said they had been waiting on the shipper since July.

      JrockHeven responded right away and said they would call Parcel Force ASAP. The next day JrockHeven said that Parcel Force never got the claim from FedEx and they asked that I get the dolls back from FedEx.

      On October 13th I got the dolls and original packaging back from the FedEx depot. But parts were missing. On October 29th I got back the missig parts.

      On October 31st I received a letter in the mail from FedEx stating that the claim was denied due to insufficient packing from the seller, which of course I agree with. I still think she should peruse this claim given the fact that when she mailed the dolls the shipper should have examined the box then.


      On November 13th JrockHeven told me that the agent handling the claim was on vacation until the end of the month.

      On November 25th I wrote to JrockHeven letting them know that I was opening up a Paypal claim because my time to do so was expiring. The transaction occurred on June 1st.

      JrockHeven escalated the claim with Paypal immediately.
      JrockHeven told me I "cannot have it both ways" requesting I ship the dolls back at my own expense.

      I explained that I did not want a refund AND keep the dolls. I just want to be made whole and not be in a better or worse position (i.e. being out the cost of return shipping).

      JrockHeven said they did not ship the dolls with holes in the clothing and broken parts and again repeated that I ship the dolls back at my own cost. Adding that I should not have accepted the package if it was damaged.

      On November 26th I explained that I had done everything in my power to have a third party (insurance company) reimburse me instead of JrockHeven and I did not want to argue.

      I have been extremely patient but I have my limits. It's been 7 months. Paypal has ruled the case in my favor provide that I return the dolls by December 14th. I got a return shipping quote of $144.13 to send the dolls back plus an additional $12 for insurance. I contact JrockHeven offering to cover half of this cost and asking her to cover the other half. While I feel that JrockHeven should be responsible to pay the entire amount I offered to pay half as a measure of good faith in order to finally get this resolved. On December 6th JrockHeven refused said it "my responsibly to ship them back"

      I would never had shipped even one doll in the box she used let alone two. I do not understand why she considered this adequate protection for a high value international shipment. However given the fact that she refuses to contribute anything towards the return shipping I do not feel any moral obligation to find a higher quality box for the return as any additional weigh or increase dimensions would directly increase my out of pocket costs significantly. The seller cannot have it both ways, she cannot at the same time, insist that her box and packaging were adequate for shipment to me but inadequate for shipment to her.

      Throughout the transaction JrockHeven has kept in great communication with me. But the replies, regardless of how prompt, did not actually progress towards any sort of resolution.

      I would not recommend doing business with JrockHeven and I would also avoid Parcel Force like the plague.
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    2. @JrockHeven was on the forum today. They are now being paged.
    3. JrockHeven refused the package after I spent over $150 mailing the dolls back to her.

    4. Paypal refunded my original $800 payment.
      I consider this unhappily resolved.
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    5. I did NOT refuse delivery thank you very much.
      The delivery guy took BACK the parcel because it's been hit by customs:vein
      A return parcel shouldn't be hit by customs, if it was marked as return..
    6. I have not received the dolls at all no matter what the tracking says.
      I didn't refuse the delivery, i was not and i repeat NOT in the day of delivery but was told it had been hit by customs.
      I'd like this matter closed as i am not happy with the outcome..
    7. In your last message you told me "the driver brought the parcel to my doorstep only to tell me i had 3 days to pay the customs charge which i didn't have the funds."

      I suggest you pursue the original insurance claim with Parcel Force.
      I am not responding to this thread anymore. My feedback remains unchanged.
    8. :roll:

      I'd like to consider this resolved