Negative Feedback Negative Feedback for lilipipes

Apr 6, 2012

    1. I didn't want to leave negative feedback as I usually would like to give the benefit of the doubt. But as I have no way of telling if this is the truth or not and this whole transaction has been fairly problematic, I will just document what has happened here.

      I was contacted by lilipipes on Jan 20th about the DZ body that I had for sale.
      Through a series of PMs, we had agreed on a 4-5 month long layaway plan with at least one payment per month and all payments non-refundable.

      Jan 25th:
      Jan 26th:
      The deposit never came.

      Jan 29th:
      I didn't receive any payments on Feb 13th, so I PM lilipipes to see what's up. As I had already marked my FS thread as "on hold for layaway", the thread had been moved to the graveyard forum already.

      Feb 15th:
      I understand that unexpected things can happen in life sometimes. I was fine with a $20 deposit, but I asked lilipipes to tell me again what her layaway plan would be.
      I okay-ed her layaway plan, and lilipipes sent me $20 on Feb 15th.

      The next payment should have been due on Mar 15th as agreed upon with at least one payment per month.
      I gave her a few days before I PMed her on Mar 20th:
      I waited a week and didn't receive a reply.

      Mar 27th:

      Mar 28th:

      Mar 29th:
      The promised $20 never came and I had not been contacted by lilipipes about any changes or difficulties.

      April 1st:

      April 3rd:
      4 hours later...
      If lilipipes really has been hospitalized, I hope she gets better soon. But regardless of her being hospitalized or not, her communication has been sub par and neither has she been making her layaway payments as promised. As as seller, I have lost valuable selling time and constantly wondering if I will actually be getting the money that I was promised and had been expecting.

      I'm sure lilipipes is a nice person. But I would be very wary to conduct any further transactions with her unless she pays the full amount up front or if purchasing something on layaway, then have a substantial amount put down as deposit/hold.