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Negative feedback for lilly.hatake

Oct 17, 2009

    1. lilly.hatake bought a head from me in Feb this year, paying a small deposit and then promising to pay the bulk of the amount in a few weeks. I'm pretty relaxed when it comes to layaways, as I'm not in a rush for the money as long as I know the item has been 'sold' and it'll come eventually...

      Long story short, I PMed her every once in a while to remind her and ask when she'd be paying it off, till she didn't reply to my last few PMs. Finally, I PMed her last week:

      That's it, just thought I should warn future sellers. I'm not mad with her or anything, just annoyed since I could have possibly sold the head during the time I was holding it for her, though it's obviously partially my fault for not chasing her sooner.