Resolved Negative Feedback for Meow - RESOLVED

Oct 8, 2007

    1. I have paid for a commission from her late July, and she tols me that the person who makes the outfits is moving etc so it will be September when my outfit can be made. I said ok, I paid half my money and waited. She told me that the completion date will be 16th September. It's been enarly a month after that no outfit no reply to PMs/Emails and she's dissappeared off DOA ...anyone know what happened to her?
    2. I think I was the last person to have a transaction with her, I received a wig from her on September 24th. That particular wig is still listed in her marketplace thread as unsold. She told me on September 12th she would send a tracking number, but I never received one. I figured she just forgot, so I didn't think much of it. Little did I know she had disappeared off DoA. @__@;

      I really hope you get your commission soon! Sorry I can't really help you with her whereabouts.
    3. I paid for 3 pairs of shoes from Meow back in August. After a month of no response, they finally got sent mid-September, only to have the Post Office say they had some kind of problem with the address being incomplete (I buy and sell all the time, never had issues with this before) and they were sent back to Meow by the Post Office. I've been trying to get in touch since then, finally got a response two weeks ago saying they would be shipped out again "soon", but no new tracking number or notification or contact since then. Needless to say it's been a long time since I paid (in August), I have no idea what happened to them/my money. -_-

      Hope they pull through with your commission!
    4. Thank you for your seems she is ignoring me as she logged on once in October with no reply to my PMs.....why can't I edit my first post? 0_o I wish to change this into a neg feedback.... she has stolen my money.... and it's too late to file with paypal >_<
    5. PM a moderator for what you should do.
    6. Actually I got it wrong the first time, I paid at the end of July, not August. Still no package. Meow contacted me out of the blue with a shipping tracking number (checked and according to HK post website it was actually shipped today) today, but is asking for more money. Needless to say I refused as it is not my fault they didn't mark the package correctly the first time they sent it back at the beginning of September. :|
      I will see if I actually get the package this time, I was honestly surprised to be contacted as it seems other people have also been completely left out in the cold for months.
    7. My package finally came (with a strangely random present along with my shoes - a pair of SD-sized bloomers when I only have an MSD). So I ordered in July and it came almost in December. -_-
      My advice would be to try e-mailing her through DoA, when I did that a few times Meow finally responded, then nothing for over a month, then sent it.
    8. I just got a PM from Meow saying she will post the kimonos straight away, if I do recive these items I will update this thread.
    9. Gotta keep an eye on this thread..
      Planning to buy something from her.. ^^;
    10. Well, items meant to be sent via EMS and nothing, PMed her about tracking number and nothing, so I'm guessing it was just a thing to try and sell things here again. My negative feedback still stands.
    11. Meow was on the board on 26Jan08 - please keep this thread updated with progress/resolution.
    12. I bought a SD shirt from Meow and paid on Jan 18th, tried several PMs and emails, haven't gotten any reply yet -.-
    13. finally i can contact the maker of the outfit and send pm to kazezakura 1 or 2 days ago, please let me know when you receive the outfit and pay the rest of the payment:)

      Noema, i've sent you an email, do you get it?
    14. No, as I told you: It ended up in my spam folder and I deleted it because I didn't realize it was a mail from you :(
      I tried to contact you since that, but haven't gotten a mail since that first one..
    15. kazezakura
      i've checked the post office, you've got the outfit on 4/2, please send me the rest of the payment!

      pm-ed you!
    16. I have sent payment.

      I have recived the outfit from Meow, however it was nearly 6 months late. I would advise caution when dealing with this seller.
    17. just received the rest of the payment, thank you^^
      please understand that i am not the maker of the outfit, i'm sorry about the delay:(
      please let me know asap when you got the package as there was payment uncleared.
      anyway, thank you for your order^^