Negative Feedback Negative feedback for minimary

May 12, 2011

    1. A week ago, I put up a WTB thread on the market place for a Cyndy or Megu head.

      Three days later, I receive a PM from minimary offering an SD13 Cyndy head with 4D faceup at $550. I didn't need layaway and could pay immediately since I had been saving up for this head long before.

      I agree to her terms and pay the pay-pal fees, shipping ($550 included shipping but $10 extra for EMS was required) and the item, approximately 1 hour after our agreement.

      I was very excited to finally have my dream doll and got overtly excited and ordered a few wigs/eyes/clothes for her arrival - so she could be in character as soon as possible.

      She then PM's me saying she will post the head by EMS on Wednesday since Tuesday is a public holiday in Hong Kong.

      She then PM's me saying she couldn't ship because "Qatar" is deemed unsafe to post to by her postman. I have never had packages missing/broken before and I have had multiple purchases from China and elsewhere before without any problems.

      She doesn't answer me until the next day and then says she PM's me saying she has decided not to sell her Cyndy head - After I paid for everything and the wait. She offered her SWD Nana, but I am not at all interested. She refunded me promptly and in full. Now I have to wait up to 30 days to receive the amount back in my credit card.

      I wish she was sure she wanted to sell her Cyndy head before PMing me offering her for sale - and certainly before I had paid her and waiting for Wednesday to come around to receive a tracking number. It was disheartening to receive that PM to say the least.

      I will not trade/purchase from her in the future worrying she may change her mind later.