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Negative Feedback Negative Feedback for Nathansgirl1989

Jan 16, 2012

    1. I sold a Littlefee Chiwoo girl to motylekbabe, and things went smoothly until the doll arrived. The packaging left a mark on her face during shipping, and motylekbabe failed to tell me so that we could resolve the issue before leaving negative feedback. I would most likely not do business with motylekbabe again.
    2. I purchased a Littlefee Chiwoo girl from Nathansgirl1989 on layaway and paid it off early. The doll was sent to me right away. Upon receiving the doll, I noticed that the tip of her nose was black and that there was some kind of hard goop stuck to her face near her right eyebrow.

      Needless to say, I was surprised because I asked Nathansgirl1989 in pm before I purchased the doll if there was any damage to the doll's faceup. In response to my question I was told "no, her faceup was not damaged". I also saw that the doll had yellowed a bit and there were dig marks in the resin of her right arm.
      None of these things were disclosed in the For Sale Thread.

      I contacted Nathansgirl1989 on 1/12/2012 about the undisclosed issues with the doll and was told "I'm sorry". She also stated that the packaging must have damaged the face and she didn't notice the yellowing. I was not offered any resolution for the issues with the doll.

      On 1/16/2012, Nathansgirl1989 leaves me feedback (before I left her feedback) stating that "motylekbabe failed to tell me so that we could resolve the issue before leaving negative feedback". That statement is false.

      I tried to give Nathansgirl1989 the benefit of the doubt since I was not with her when she packaged the doll. But I find it hard to believe that someone in the hobby for 2+ years doesn't know how to check for yellowing. And after the dishonesty left in my feedback, how do I know that she was not deceiving me all along.

      I would not recommend Nathansgirl1989 as a seller and I will not do business with her again.
    3. Nathansgirl1989 was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.

      Please state any resolution you would like to see in this transaction.
    4. I honestly did not know of any of the damage prior. I feel terrible that things worked out this way. I always check my dolls before shipping them and let the buyer know of/repair any issues before I send them out. I don't know what to do to resolve any issues, as I have absolutely no way of paying for repairs. The only thing I can think of is to contact USPS and make a case to get the insurance money back so that I can refund you and you can send the doll back. I really don't know what else to say. I had no prior knowledge of any damage and feel just awful about all of this. About the feedback, I can honestly say that I was under the impression that motelykbabe had already left feedback as she had said in her message. I should have checked before posting and I do regret and apologize. Let me know if you want to contact USPS and we can work it out.
    5. And I did check for yellowing, one of her hand sets had been kept in the box since I purchased her, and They still matched her resin just fine. I am more than willing to contact USPS, but I don't have money to pay for any repairs. Please let me know ASAP if you wish for me to contact them so that we can resolve the issue.
    6. I merely wanted to tell my account of what happened because of the dishonesty left in my feedback.

      I don't want any potential seller thinking that I leave feedback without attempting to resolve issues with them first, because I would not do that to a person, especially on a marketplace such as this where seller and buyer feedback is so important.

      I consider this matter closed. I'm keeping the doll.
      Thanks Zagzagael.