Negative Feedback Negative Feedback for Otokke

Oct 29, 2006

    1. Hi folks!

      Just wanted to detail my recent transaction with member otokke.

      I recently advertised for an SD Tenshi body for my Volks Shiratori head.
      Two people came forward, one had a brand-new Kikyou body/box/wings for 375.00, and the other, Otokke, had an older SD Tenshi body (no original box etc) for 350.00. She sent me three very clear photos of this body, which was the correct model (the older knees) for my Shiratori head. Though I felt the long journey from Singapore might be risky for this body (and expensive for me), I decided to get it because it was the correct one for the head I had. I examined the photos very carefully and the body looked completely perfect. So I told her I'd take it, and I paid for it via paypal.

      I was sad but not totally shocked when the body arrived and it had a cracked knee! I thought, "oh no, it broke in shipping" So I examined it closer and was very surprised at how stable the crack was. It went all the way through/around, so should have been loose if not completely detached. Then I pulled the knee out of its socket and was very surprised and dismayed to see an old repair, complete with worn brown glue. This body had had a broken knee for quite some time!

      So I PM'd Otokke and asked for an explanation, and she answered very promptly: "Oh I told you all about it in my second PM. That's why the body was so cheap". (not 'cheap'. 350.00 would be an average going price for an older SD body. I paid the same price for an SD Michele body awhile back, and it was of the same notch-knee era).

      So I asked to see a copy of this PM, but not surprisingly she claims to have deleted it.

      Personally I wouldn't delete any PMs from unfinished transactions. I consider her to have been at least irresponsible if not downright dishonest in this matter.

      In retrospect I should have asked for a complete description (in words) of the body, but I didn't... assuming instead that Otokke was an honorable/honest seller/fellow member of DOA. Unfortunately I just went by the photos.

      Ultimately it comes down to her word against mine, but I wanted to let people know. In the next post I will put photos for you to examine and I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions anyone might have.

      Thanks for reading!
    2. The photos I was sent in the first PM:




      This is the text of her initial PM:
      i have an SD10 tenshi body pureskin.
      i got it just 2 weeks ago for my domuya fay's head but i'm not bonding with the head nor the body.
      i'm the 2nd owner."

      Unfortunately I don't know how to do screencaps, as I'd love to present the "evidence" in its original form. Any advice would be appreciated (I'm on a Mac running Firefox).

    3. My pics of the knee upon arrival:
      Here's the old-looking repair.
    4. If you go into the "utilities" folder in your Applications directory, there's a program in there called "grab". (You can also search for "grab" in spotlight and it should pop up.) It's a really easy app to take screencaps of anything.

      Good luck!
    5. To screencap on MAC you can hold down the apple key, then shift and then "4". This will turn the cursor into crosshairs that you can use to click and drag a box around what you want to screencap. When you have the desired area selected simply release and the screencap will appear on your desktop.

      I hope you can get the matter resolved~
    6. Ah well it seems she's deleted her links to the pics... I tried to save them in my email program, I'll see if I can get them and put them back in here.
      Seriously the body looked pristine, and since no mention was made of damage I stupidly assumed there wasn't any.

      Well it didn't work, so I don't have the original pics any more. Argh! ;-P
    7. paypal fraud say item was not as described.
    8. you can ocntact paypal and start a dispute, you have proof that it was repaired, you may be able to get a refund, if only partial. good luck!
    9. I thought about it, but I decided not to.
      As a longtime Ebay seller (I used to buy and sell antique dolls before I discovered BJD) I've had about every scam there is tried on me, so I'm really well-versed in what to do to get one's money back... once I had to contact a seller in Germany's local police! That got me my money back quick (for a Bru forgery)!
      I thought of doing this with Otokke, but instead I offered to retract this negative feedback if she'd do a partial refund. She didn't want to, so this'll stay. Her opinion is that the body would be more if it were perfect.

      As for the body, I disassembled and cleaned it, and re-did the repair using epoxy and fiberglass tape. I also reinforced the other knee and other weak spots found on old SD10 bodies of this era. So now I've too much invested in it to return it (usually in a situation like this the item must be surrendered).

      Luckily I got the head for a good price, so it kind of evens out. The head had bad staining, which luckily cleaned up perfectly. I'm sure I could sell him complete for at least what I paid for him...

      He's such a cool dolly though, I plan to hold onto him! ^_^