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Negative Feedback for Phoenix Rising โ€“ MEMBER BANNED

Mar 14, 2010

    1. I started a split in January for Afi and Ai from Soom. Phoenix Rising contacted me about purchasing some parts, and I added her on. Payments were due on the 9th of each month, so that I could have some time to send the payment to Soom on the 10th. I stated in my split thread that any payments, once sent to Soom, were non-refundable.

      She paid the first part of her 4 part layaway promptly on January 6th. Each payment after that has been consistently late, however, with no communication beforehand. I received no communication on DOA whatsoever until 3-12-10 (Over 2 months), despite sending numerous reminders about the upcoming payment due dates.

      Because of the late payments and lack of communication, I dropped her from my split. I'm leaving her Negative feedback for the flakiness, irresponsibility, threats, name-calling, TMI, and general bad behavior I've gotten from her. I advise against going into online transactions with her, at the very least until she gets her life more under control. I understand that people can get busy or emergencies can occur at any time, but a note or any kind of communication would have been appreciated.

      I'm posting the timeline of our transactions below.
    2. First reminder PM sent on 2-8-10:
      2 Reminder Messages sent on 2-10-10:
      One sent as PM with read receipt attached, and one as Email sent through DOA

      I covered her portion of the split, since the payment date had come and I'd had no communication. Two days later, I received payment on 2-12-10 with a note in Paypal only - No PM on DOA.

      Near the March due date, in order to avoid the same problem happening, I sent another PM with a read receipt.

      Reminder message sent on 3-7-10:
      I once again had no communication at any time before the payment was due to be sent to Soom, so again I had to cover her portion of the split. Understandably, I was a bit irritated.

      3-12-10 - Sent three days after payment was due:
    3. Pm's continued from 3-12-10:

    4. I had a very similar ordeal with Phoenix Rising, though I just bit my lip and didn't complain about it. I am posting this on the request of Mimiko.

      Phoenix Rising participated in my Bygg/Beyla split. There were one or two times (I know at least once) where I had to pay her portion of the split and then received it a few days later. Regardless of this her payments were never on time with the exception of the initial payment, and needless to say, it was very stressful for me, as I did not have the money to constantly cover payments from any of my split members.

      Once the items were shipped and in my possession, I figured it was all smooth sailing after that, and PMed each member confirming that I received the parts they requested. However, that was not the case... Phoenix Rising claimed that she had requested items that she most definitely had not ordered at the beginning of the split. Thankfully, I had all the paperwork I kept in regards to the split and was able to itemize exactly what she ordered and the cost of each item, then cross-referenced it with her paypal payments (I had included the transaction number, payment date, and payment amount). Once I did this, I received no further emails from Phoenix Rising.

      I did not post any feedback on Phoenix Rising's thread, as I tend to not post feedback if I do not receive feedback as well. I think I will revise that way of thinking however. Though, I will be quite upset if my posting negative feedback brings upon negative feedback of my own, as everyone else in my split was very pleased about how I conducted my business.
    5. Tallenvyaere ~ your feedback belongs in Phoenix Rising's individual feedback thread, not in this thread. Please repost it there and this post can be removed. If you get retaliatory feedback, please pm a mod.

      Mimiko ~ You can link back to this Problem Thread in Phoenix Rising's individual feedback thread.