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Negative Feedback Negative Feedback for SUSY IN ONTARIO - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Feb 3, 2012

    1. I hate to do this, but here goes:

      Susy put my Volks Suiseiseki head on layaway last month.
      The payment schedule she gave me was this:
      First payment dec 30 for $---
      second payment jan 31 $---
      Last payment feb 28 $---

      and I agreed to that.

      She paid me the first payment on January 4, and asked to extend the layaway to 4 months for financial reasons. I told her that would be fine.

      I contacted her on January 30 to remind her of the second payment due on January 31, but received no response. Her profile said she was online that day. I PMed her again on February 1, asking if she'd received my message. Still no response. Her profile said she was online that day. I messaged her this morning to let her know I was going to page her.
    2. SUSY IN ONTARIO was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Susy PMed me after I started this thread to let me know she cannot make the second payment on time at all. Unfortunately, I would like to change this thread to a flake feedback thread. :(
    4. This is a Negative Feedback not "flakey". Please leave a link to this thread in the member's individual feedback thread.
    5. This doll head was offered to me through a private sell not a marketplace doll for sale. Therefore, this negative feedback should not be posted for me. Also, since this doll head was never posted for sale on the marketplace forum a page should have never been opened in the first place. Now that it has, I’m asking if I can have my deposit of $125 returned back to me. Originally I had agreed to make it a non refundable deposit but since this seller decided to page me for a non-marketplace item I’d like to recover the money I have lost.

      Thanks! Susy

      1. Originally Posted by Mr Bitterness
      Hi there!
      I saw your WTB in the Marketplace. Are you still interested in purchasing a Suiseiseki head? If so, I can send you pictures and details on mine- I plan to sell her.
      Thanks for your time!

    6. It appears you are misunderstanding what an off-site transaction would be. You posted a WTB on DoA and a DoA member responded with the item for sale. That is NOT a private sale and this negative feedback remains.