Negative feedback for TwistedKitty

Aug 7, 2006

    1. Ugh, I really hate to do this. I really do but I feel that I must.

      Back in June, I bought a few Friends2BMade clothing items from TwistedKitty. In total, it came down to 30 US$. I paid for it on the 28th of June. However, since I was in the middle of moving to Asia, I asked her to hold on to it for 1 week.

      On the 6th of July, I PM-ed her my new address. Since then I haven't heard from her. It's now the 7th of August. I've already PM-ed her twice to ask her about the whereabouts of my package. I've posted in her sales thread asking her to reply to my PMs. I know that she has been online, I've seen her post at DOA. Yet I've gotten no response.

      All I want to know is when my package was sent out.
    2. Small update : I PM-ed her again on the 8th of August, requesting for information on my items. I told her that if I don't receive any reply by the 12th of August, I'll file a claim with Paypal, requesting my money back.

      It's really very upsetting for me that she seems to be ignoring my PMs, yet has no problems coming online almost every day and posting at the forums.
    3. I also "bought" and paid for clothing from twistedkitty on June 25th. I pm'd her around the 4th of July and she said she was sending it out right after the holiday. I've since to recieve my item or hear from her.
    4. I still haven't received any reply from TwistedKitty. Yesterday, I have emailed to tell her that I will file a claim through Paypal for a refund if I don't hear from her by Saturday. No response so far.

      She comes online everyday, yet never replies to my PMs or my email. I'm really very disappointed.
    5. Thought I'd update that Twisted Kitty pm'd me this evening to tell me that the item was sent today.
    6. Same here. I also got a PM telling me that my items will be shipped out today. I'm glad to hear that and I look forward to receive my stuff.
    7. Do not let her telling you the items have been sent stop you from filing with paypal. If you have not gotten the items by the deadline (usually 45 days) file anyway. They will ask her from proof of delivery. If the items arrive after you have filed, you cna always stop the claim.

    8. Yeah, that's probably a good idea. It's been 6 weeks since I paid her. So the dead line is nearing very soon.
    9. Yeah, she sent me a PM saying that my item was sent on 8/11.

      So far, no item.
      I paid 6/24.
    10. Alrighty, I got my items yesterday. I must say that TwistedKitty made up for her mishandling as she gave me THREE extra outfits free of charge. I knew that she'd send extra's but I was very surprised to see how much.

      So yeah, my issue with her is closed as far as I'm concerned.
    11. Well, I can hope that mine will turn up as well, then!

      Thanks for the update. :)
    12. Just updating that I got my items two-ish days ago, plus extras. Thank you much.
    13. Jelly bracelets payed on 11th october (12$ with shipping).
      Still no news, no answers to pms or posts...