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Negative feedback for wannabehokage / Ichigo Shine

Aug 17, 2009

    1. On 7/22 (a Wednesday) I purchased this outfit from wannabehokage via Etsy after seeing it advertised in the DOA marketplace. I paid immediately. The Etsy listing stated that she shipped on Fridays and used priority mail.

      On 8/2 emailed wannabehokage to ask after the status of my purchase, since I had expected it to arrive much sooner. She responded with the following:

      At the end of the week, however, it had not appeared, so on August 10 I sent a second email asking if it had been shipped yet.

      She again responded very promptly, letting me know that the item had been shipped a little later than she'd planned and giving me a delivery confirmation number.

      On August 12 I received the outfit, which was marked as being sent on August 10. While the skirt portion of the outfit was lovely and very well-made, I had several problems with the shirt, some of them major:

      - There are several faint gray marks on the front of the shirt
      - There are what appear to be small blood stains on the inside of the shirt, as if someone pricked themselves with a pin and then handled the shirt and bled on it a bit
      - The seams in the armpits of the shirt are misaligned, causing it to bunch in the back and fit poorly
      - The two sides of the back are fully 1 centimeter different in length, making it impossible for the two halves of the back to line up properly and contributing to the poor fit

      I was shocked by the poor quality of the shirt and emailed wannabehokage again on August 12, listing my issues and providing the photos above. I requested that she either make a replacement shirt or refund me $5. She has not responded.

      I'm very disappointed in this transaction. The individual problems are fairly small, but cumulatively they add up to an unsatisfactory transaction.
    2. Update: wannabehokage has refunded me $5, as requested. I'm disappointed that it took bad feedback to make that happen, but I now consider this issue resolved and would upgrade my feedback to "neutral".