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NEGATIVE feedback for yoru-san - MEMBER BANNED

Apr 24, 2009

    1. yoru-san bought Volks Kun head from me. She claimed, that the head haven't arrive, reported me to paypal and demanded money back from me. I made a complaint on the post office and recieved the answer, that the customer had recieved the doll's head long time ago.

      yoru-san for a long time was bothering me about this case, bacause of her my paypal account was closed and I had lot's of stress and problems (+ I had to run to the post office almost every day for a month time). I'm founding it a scam, bacause she had the doll all this time ( and I can prove it on the official document from Polish and Russian post office) and was trying to get the money from me.

      she also asked me to send the doll as a "gift" and mark the price low (without insurance). I did it wanting to help her with customs and later I've recieved a PM in whith she said:

      " [...]though, i don't quite doubt, as Kun had to arrive to RussianPost office, that i'll never get her.
      packages there are lost too frequently.

      so, the question is - what do you suggest to do with money i payed for Kun?"

      I'm really dissapointed with this transaction. Will never deal with this member again.
    2. Yoru-san purchased a Souldoll Celestyn on layaway from me in April, and the doll was sent out to her immediately after the last payment was made (she used a friend's Paypal account).
      After I sent her the tracking number, she wrote:

      In retrospect, I believe she said this in preparation of perhaps later claiming that she could not get the doll out of customs and then asking me to return her money, similar to what she stated to Marti above.

      Weeks went by and I asked if she had received the doll yet, but I got no reply. I received a call from the International branch of USPS, asking me to verify the address I had written on the package; as it turns out, I had left off a number on the address and the Russian post office wanted me to confirm the correct address so that the package could be delivered. I gave them Yoru-san's correct address (including the missing number) and phone number.

      A few days later, yoru-san wrote me, very upset. She claimed that the post office had delivered the package to another girl, who lived at the address I had written on the package label. Not only that, but that said girl had the exact same first and last name as yoru-san, and so was legally able to sign and accept the package. She claimed that she had visited this other girl to demand the package, but that this doppelgänger refused to give it to her, claiming that I had marked the box as a "gift" and had her name and address on the label, and as such she refused to give the package up. Now, claimed yoru-san, she was out both her money and the doll.

      I was horrified, and as unlikely as the scenario seemed to me, I initially felt that I was responsible for the mistake and offered to return her money. Nonetheless, I opened up an investigation with the International USPS branch to check on the address to which the package had been delivered, and to see, if indeed it had just happened to have gone to a similar address and someone of the exact same name, if they could retrieve the package.

      When I notified yoru-san of the investigation, she insisted that there was nothing the post office could do, and that it was my fault that the package had been mis-delivered. When I asked if there was any way she could claim ownership based on the fact that she had apparently paid customs on the doll, she told me an elaborate story about why she had had to have a friend's mother pay the customs, and so her name was not linked to the customs tax.

      A day later, she sent me a photo of the box and its label; apparently the girl of the same name who had refused to give her the package had no problem giving her a photo of the unopened box to share with me. Again, she pointed out that the one missing number on the address label proved that I had made a mistake, causing the package to be mis-delivered. I apologized again and said that I would take responsibility for the mistake, but that I was still waiting to hear back about the investigation. I told her that I would do everything I could to get her package to her.

      The next day, she wrote me again to say that, incredibly, she had managed to get the doll back, but that she had had to trade her Sabik and pay $1500 to the doppelgänger in exchange. So, sadly, she was now out of both her Sabik and money, and so in theory she had had to pay more than twice Celestyn's price to get him back and she thought it only fair that I refund her money to her so that essentially she only had to pay for him once.

      Now this was getting ridiculous.

      As I was still waiting for the post office to get back to me, I mentioned that two of her payments were now out of Paypal's 60-day refund window, and what did she think I should do? She replied that she would like me to help pay for several orders that she had placed with various doll companies, and if I was willing to refund her customs tax as well, there was a nice item on Amazon she was interested in. While I didn't agree to this, I did say that I would definitely mention to the investigator that now not only had this other person of the same name refused to give her the package, but had now taken both merchandise and money in exchange for it.

      Her reply:

      Needless to say at this point I had every reason to believe this was a scam, and the postal investigation proved me right, as their final word on the matter was that they had indeed delivered it to the correct address despite the one-number discrepancy, and that she had signed for it.

      I refused to refund her any money whatsoever.

      So, in short: Yoru-san claimed that

      the doll had gone to another person of the exact same address less one number;
      said person had the exact same English name as yoru-san;
      said person refused to give her the package but was into bjds enough to take her Sabik and money in exchange;
      said person refused to give her the package but was happy to provide her with a photo of the unopened box;
      said person had quite suddenly moved to Siberia and therefore could not be made accountable;
      yoru-san's name was not on the customs tax slips

      And I got struck by lightning on my way to claim my lottery winnings.
    3. Yoru-san has been banned from the forum for Marketplace dishonesty.
    4. just wanted to add, that I've reciewed a PM from DoA member that saw my doll's head in this person hand and even took photo of it. so I have a proof that the head did arrive