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Unresolved Negative Transaction/trade With Emberly

Nov 18, 2007

    1. I had an unsatisfactory, unequal and unfair trade with Emberly and I'm getting fed up so I'm taking this action to try and get my oldskin body back.

      A couple of weeks ago, I traded my oldskin body for her Domuya flexibody. After I shipped the oldskin body to her, I recieved her Domuya flexibody a couple days later.

      I was surprised that the doll was nothing like her description. In her description, she said the body had the collar bone sanded and the top of the hand sanded to appear less muscular. And that it's a possible match the pureskin. I assume the rest of the body was untouched, so I asked her for a trade.

      When the body came, I was offended by the strong cigarette smell, the areas in the back, biceps and thighs where the body were sanded and the stringing of the body. It was strung so loosely that the body fitted into a box of 12inx8in (it's parcel size if you're wondering what the dimension is). The smell and the way the body was poorly strung was not in her description and she didn't bother to mention this to me in our PM conversations. It seems that she purposely hid these information.

      I became quite angry and upset cuz her body wasn't equivalent to my oldskin and I was also raging that she hid important information from me. I spent $425 on the oldskin, recieving the body from Belladonna, so I'm the third owner. I demanded that Emberly send my body back to me and I'll return hers. If not, then I gave her several options: She buys the oldskin body and I return her body to her; or she takes responsibility for the smell and condition by paying $250 ( in her description page, she said she'll offer cash or do a partial cash plus trade to make up a difference but when I asked her, she backed out on her words) ; or we work out a negocation. She refused all of these options and blamed me for trading with her, telling me I should have been wary. Which implies, she intended to decieve me from the start. She argues that since the trade was "over", she's not going to do anything. However, I counter argued that as a seller, she's reliable for the condition and quality of her flexibody. If it wasn't like she how described, then she has to take responsibility. She refused to take responsibility, but did not deny the smell or the loosely strung body. She blamed her care of her body on the company Domuya.

      Again, I am the third owner of the oldskin body, recieving it from Belladonna late in October. I only touched it a couple of times to take pictures, but didn't mod it or anything. Comparing the care Belladonna took with the oldskin body to how Emberly took care of Domuya's body, Emberly's body value is worth a lot less than the oldskin. The trade was unfair and I demanded the oldskin body back. If not then, I demanded monetary compensation to makeup the difference from the trade, since she said so on her description page. Again, she refused to make the trade equal and provided no clear evidence or support to backup her claim except, "trade is over". Which I argued is childish thinking.

      *sigh* I just want my body back. I dont want her flexibody. The smell is so repugnant that I can't stand within a foot of it. And it doesn't stand at all. I dont want to restring it because that's not my responsbility, but Emberly's to make sure the body was in a good condition. I really want to get rid of this body and return it to her but I want my body back from her first.

      Honestly, I just want my body back. I told her that's the option I'd prefer since I wanted to avoid drama. Unfortunately, her refusal and irresponsiblity has led me to I'm post my problem here. I doubt I'll get the body back, but here's to hopeful wishing!

      Also after I sent the body to Emberly, I learned that Emberly had TWO NEGATIVE TRANSACTIONS within this past month. One posted yesterday by defectivegirl, and another one earlier this month by drowningindolls. And apparantly, she has several bad transactions listed under bad traders, which unfortunately, I didn't see beforehand. And it's my fault. But if she has so many bad transaction, why is she still on this board, especially in the marketplace? Why hasn't she been ban yet? :(
    2. aquarius85 - would it be possible for you to post pictures of the sanding to the doll? This all sounds so awful! :( I hope you get it sorted out soon.
    3. Next time figure out what you are trading for. It is NOT my responsibility nor was it anywhere in the deal to take care of finding you a resin match for your doll.

      I've said it many, many times. A Domuya Flexi body is designed to be very floppy. The body was not in the box because it was 'loose' but because a flexi body, with a three-piece torso, goes into the fetal position very easily, and it seemed most safe to ship in.

      When I asked you to tell me if there was a lot of slack string in the body you said you wouldn't do my 'dirty work' for me and did not answer.

      also: I never said that the body would match pureskin resin-- you can check my trade thread still now, because I state nothing of the sort. IT is your own fault you did not look up resin matches. I started I was looking for something to make my pureskin head.

      You also stated that you wanted to back out of the trade before you finished. You threatened me and declared that I owed you $250 for this unfair trade.

      I am very sorry though about this cigarette smell, I told you clearly I had in no way shape or form exposed the doll to this condition, It was put away and I was under the impression that the smoker in my house only smokes outside, which is aparrently not true?
    4. Oh, I guess you can't edit in here? Sorry for the double post then.

      I also would like to state that your SD13 body was not as described-- it's ankles (the foot-part and the joint area) are chipped, as well as its shoulders. It's foot has a nick in it, a chip is off the tip of it's boy bits and there appears to be a dremel mark in it's thigh ball?
    5. Emberly: The most important thing is that you hid important information from me. If you have a problem with that oldskin body, why aren't you sending it back to me? I'd love to have it back. And I NEVER described anything of that body to you. As I had said, I recieved that body from Belladonna and played with it several times. The condition of that body is from its previous owner; and when I sold it, I said that it'll come "AS IS". The condition is not a result of my handling. I am the third owner. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBLITY TO MAKE SURE THE DOLL WAS WORTH THE TRADE. IT WASN'T: IT STANK, WAS EXTREMELY LOOSE, AND OTHER AREAS WERE ALSO SANDED. THIS WAS NOT IN YOUR DESCRIPTION. YOU HID THESE INFORMATION FROM ME, THE BUYER and you refused to take responsiblity for trading such a body like you are now. Again, if you're going to complain about the condition of the oldskin body, please give it back.

      Guide: I can post pictures up, but my camera don't take good pictures. I'll try my best to take good ones.
    6. Just wanted to mention that I had a really successful transaction with aquarius85 when I sold her a Lati Aida head, and I can vouch for her trustworthiness.
    7. Quilibet: Thank you for your support.

      My point and argument: Emberly hid important information from me concerning her care of the body and refused to take full responsibility. Instead she blamed her poor care of the body on the company Domuya.

      Here is what she said on her thread:

      The doll came in this box:

      It was strung very loosely which was not mentioned thruout our PMs. She should have mentioned this or restrung it properly before she sent it out. Sending it in this condition shows no care on her part:

      Other areas such as back and legs were also sanded but not mentioned. Unfortunately, my camera isn't good so you can't see the details, so I tried to take as best as I could and circled areas where there are differences:
      Collarbone had 2 small holes. It was NOT LIGHTLY SANDED either. Also, I forgot to circle it but if you follow the nape of neck downwards, these area were also sanded. If you look closely, you can see color discoloration:

      Most importantly it stank of cigarette which is CLEARLY not mentioned.

      The body I owned and swapped for her:

      I offered her several options to resolve this unequal and unfair trade:
      1) Return my body back and I'll return hers
      2) Pay me $250 to make it up
      3) Pay me $425 for it and I send her body back to her
      4) Negociation

      She refused all of these options. Instead, she used Domuya as a scapegoat to escape responsibility. And she blame me for not being wary which implies that she intended to fool the buyer from the start.

      It could seem like I'm making a big deal out of this transaction, but I paid $425 for the oldskin body which was in a good condition. But the condition of this body is poor in comparison; it's not even worth $350. I felt that Emberly, as a seller, should be responsible and liable about the condition of her Domuya body. Instead, she took partial responsibility because she hid the other facts from me. I want her to take full responsibility.

      Right now, I'm getting really tired of waiting for replies. I've noticed in the other negative thread, that she's not replying either.
    8. Woah here, you know well enough that that body was wrapped in all of that bubble wrap when it was sent out. His hands were wrapped in bubble wrap AND cardboard. There is NO way I would send the doll like that, thrown down, and you know it-- you just want money out of the transaction too and you did that to make it look worse.

      As far as everything else, I don't even see what you're talking about-- only red lines. o_O
    9. As a reminder, only member involved in the transaction may post to the thread. Thanks!
    10. Emberly: I never said that body came unwrapped like that, just that it came in a box, and a very small box as I've shown in the picture. The condition of the doll being wrapped has nothing to do with my argument. You missed my point entirely. Please read over the bold words again. If you still can't get it thru your head, I'll reiterate: You hid important information from me. Take responsibility for hiding those information.