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Resolved Negative Transaction with Kearsy - RESOLVED

Nov 6, 2011

    1. I bought a MNF body from Kearsy. I'm not happy with the item. As a seller she should have disclosed the following things:

      1. her one leg is significantly shorter than the other
      2. her neck is chipped on the upper edge
      3. she is very loosely strung
      4. she does have scratches on the body

      I think this is what happened: the seller found out about the shorter leg and her not being able to stand on her own, and then she tried to re-string her and chipped her neck in the process, and it still didn't work. so she just sold her. She should've disclosed all these things before putting her on MP. She CANNOT stand on her own. I wouldn't have bought her for $330 if i knew all this. Not an honest seller.
    2. Kearsy was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. People really should try talking to someone before leaving negative feedback for them, or works of fiction for that matter.

      I had placed an order from DDE and before it came in I had decided already I wasnt keeping them. When the body got in I checked for external damage (I didnt see scratches) and put it back away safely then made a sales thread. I did not try to stand the body as it wouldnt be mine for long so I didnt want to play with it.

      I am so upset of being acused of seeing the issue, damaging the body in an attempt to restring it, then selling it without disclosing this information. Had the buyer spoken to me before leaving feedback all this could have been fixed. I have offered to buy back the body and if she had wanted to keep it I have gotten in touch with DDE as to getting the leg problem fixed. They say it could just be an issue with the stringing, that it has happened before, heck I have had the issue before.

      I am not a dishonest seller, I have pages and pages of excellent feedback. Maybe I should have played with the body more, but it didnt occur to me that I may have gotten a doll with mismatched legs, I just wanted to put it away safely because I didn't want anything to happen to a body I wasnt keeping. I didnt see scratches, I didnt think she was loosely strung, I didnt try to dismantle her and see a chip on the inside of her neck. All I did was receive the package, check for obvious damage (since she was brand new from the company) and put her back away safely.
    4. I appreciate the seller getting back to me so quickly and trying to make things all right. She offered to buy back the doll from me and refund me in full. Apparently the scratches are normal in recent Fairyland dolls, because I received my other doll from DDE the same week with bad scratches all over the body. I believe the seller when she said she wasn't aware of the size issue of one leg. After going through the FL damaged doll thread it is clear that this has happened before with older and recent FL dolls. And about the body being loosely strung, that could happen because of her being curled up in a smaller box for 10 days, the seller and I both agreed upon not shipping her in the regular FL box but in a smaller box instead. This is not the seller's fault. She is not to be blamed for this recent series of FL doll damages. I plan to keep the doll and not pursue this issue any further. I'm now happy with the transaction.