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Negative transaction with Kikyo44 - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Jan 22, 2010

    1. I had a very negative transaction with kikyo44 and I feel that I should post a little bit about it.

      She was the buyer, and I allowed her to do a 3-month layaway. During this entire transaction there was a LOT of miss-communications. While I do feel bad to say this, I believe a great deal of it was due to the language barrier. It seems we had a hard time understanding each other as I speak no French and her English was a little choppy. I did my best, but at times it felt like she was avoiding my attempts to set up a layaway plan. In the end, despite having originally told her I wanted to do multiple deposits, I had to allow her to just pay in full at the end of the time period.

      The major issue came when shipping methods were to be decided. I originally offered her two options, but as I usually ask my buyers about their customs taxes and how they want the packages marked, a MAJOR misunderstanding came about. I told her I would be shipping First Class and mark the package down for her.

      The package has taken a long time and despite giving her proof of mailing she has insisted now that I have somehow scammed her. I was forced to refund her a very large amount of money and I hope she will be honest enough to pay me back when the package arrives.

      I caution anyone who would sell to this user to be very careful and cover your tracks with all insurance, etc. I didn't and I paid for it.
    2. Update: kikyo44 has contacted me since this was written last night with a very kind and level-headed email. I believe we may still be able to work out a solution that is more fair to both of us. We are currently discussing options for this. I hope things will be cleared up soon.
    3. I hold precision concerning this transaction has give some:

      I bought chrom part with a layaway of 2 months, has 590$ in all paypal fees inclued (The layaway to be finished second week of December.)
      She gave me the total with shipping cost: 635$
      Shipping cost was 45$

      the 7 decembre, I end up paying the layaway 635$.
      But she asked me if I could pay 20$ in more because expenses paypal was expensive and because she did not know it. Given that she was nice, I accepted and I sent him 20$ in more.

      Then, I asked if it was possible that she puts a value inferior on the package (to limit customhouse and flights)
      She says to me: "no problem, I will send the package on Friday, 11)

      Therefore, everything was ok, I can wait my order .

      But the end of December, I don't received my order, therefore I sent a message to have the tracking number to know where is my package.
      And it is that she tells me she has not sent by ems because I asked a value inferior on the package O_o and she refunde me 10$.
      I ask her that she goes she has her post office to ask where is the package but tells me to wait one month.

      Frankly, it is the incomprehension for me, because I do not understand how they can send a package for the international worth 650$ in letter, and during the period of noêl in more.... and I was think 45$ is for EMS , not for letter.

      She tells me not to worry me, and that the package is soon going to arrive.
      I trust in him and me waits.
      Since then, she send me a photo of a ticket with writings a total 20$ without name , anyhing written and says to me that it is the proof of dispatch O_O...

      January 10th, I signal her I was received nothing.
      And she say me the post office can't know where is my package and she say is not possible refound me.

      I continu to wait because she has good feedback, and I always hoped to received my package.

      But on January 21st, having again received nothing or proposal of arrangement, I send her a pm for say I will open a paypal litigation for 478$.
      And I open a alert paypal .

      It re-lays me that it accepts a refund 50 %, and without negative valuation of us two.
      But she even did not wait my answer and opened this negative feedback....
      Before I was see this feedback , I was send her an email for say I'm agree for 50%.
      But now , I have a negative feedback, and I don't understand why .
      I know , I don't speak english very well but I understand . And i'm sure , she don't have propose 2 option for shipping ( I was keep all pm). And I was pay 45$ , and on her "proof" , it's 20$ ....:|

      I am sad that this transcation ends badly but I did not find normal that I lose my order and my money while I made no error, I paid everything, and ahead of time.
      I lost 200$ .
    4. You just keep going back and forth on this don't you? So much for this ending well.

      But okay, let's work through this shall we?

      Parts were $600.

      When I tried to set up payments with you, you got confused and it ended up getting all messed up. Sorry if you feel you paid too early. I really wanted to make a regular layaway payment plan with you and told you that MANY TIMES.
      This was a LAYAWAY. That does not mean "HOLD".

      But also thank you AGAIN for paying the fees. Paypal has changed their fee policies and A LOT of people are still trying to get used to the new system.

      Okay, so there you have it. I had to mark the package down.
      As I sent to you last night a very nice email apologizing for the error by my post office, I discovered that while the clerk was accepting my package he gave me false information. To mark it down I used a smaller customs form, and I asked him if the number on it would still act as tracking. I am VERY VERY SORRY but my post office lied to me, I TRULY expected that number to work as tracking.

      You are absolutely right. The post office clerk allowed a package to be sent as First Class that I only recently was told was actually illegal, all so I could mark the value down as you asked. I've even called the post to complain and they basically told me "too bad".
      I refunded you $10 because shipping cost me $22 -also please consider packing supplies to keep your items safe, which cost probably another $5- and I charged you $35, but you felt I had charged $45 and you are still insisting it even though the parts were $600 total. So I offered to refund another $13 even though I was sure I didn't ask that much for shipping and you declined a further refund and acknowledged that you believed I shipped it.

      You know, I'm more than a little angry that you've decided now that my proof is a big lie. Let's review, straight from your PMs to me:
      If I have to get my postal lady to call you, then I will. She'll do it too. She's a very nice woman, her name is Kelly, and she's the one that has been helping me try to find out what happened here. She is also the one who found out that the man who accepted my package at the post did not do it correctly.

      Look Julie, I sent you an email and told you I was sorry for not giving you more time. You logged off after I made the proposal and I believed you were not willing to discuss things further. After I got your email I felt bad, but this is the best I could do was to have this moved to this thread. The moderators do not remove negative feedback. I had every intention of saying we resolved this after we confirmed that the 50%-50% loss. And posting that it was a misunderstanding, etc. But instead of reading the 5+ emails I sent you you're drawing this out.

      That's why I refunded you, and offered to refund more, as I said above. You originally wanted regular shipping, you didn't ask me to mark the package down until right at the end and I didn't think of it until the receipt came into play. That was a bad mistake on my part and I sent you money back right away. I'm still sure I charged you $35 for shipping and the parts were $600 but as the thread was deleted I was going to give you a break, but you declined. And do not put proof in quotations like that, it is beyond insulting.

      And I have lost $478.

      Living in France and being in a hobby where expensive things are shipping in and out of the country for you all the time, you should understand there is a risk. I still whole-heartedly believe that Chrom is going to show up to you. If my postman incorrectly accepted a package as the wrong type, it makes perfect sense for it to take much, much longer to clear customs in France.

      I just have one question at this point.
      Do you intend to be honest and give me my money back when Chrom arrives?
    5. Also Julie I've been trying to email you, and I can't PM you anymore because your box is full. You have to delete some stuff.
    6. please , can you tell me the total for : head 270$ + leg 250$+ hand 70$ .
      Tell me the total.
    7. I don' t understand . . Because , ok your post office not agree for you send my package with a down values. . . But why you don't send me a pm ? I was ask :"if possible . . Can you . . Down value . . ?" .
      If you was say : it's not possible to write a down value , i was prefer you write the reel value and send with a tracking number and insurrance. . .
    8. I already told you back then, if you want to fight over $10 I'd give it back. I deleted the thread and that was beyond stupid of me, because while I remember the total to be $600 I was happy to give you the benefit of the doubt when I foolishly deleted the sale thread.

      I like how you keep avoiding my asking if you'll give me my money back when Chrom arrives.

      Mods, please go ahead and lock this thread. I'm tired of trying to communicate with this buyer, and it's becoming obvious I made a lot of mistakes by not saving all of our PMs. I've lost $478 and I don't know if I'm getting it back. At this point I'm not confident kikyo44 will be honest and pay me back when the doll arrives, despite my belief that he will still show up.
      My grandfather passed away just last night, I don't want to and I can't take the stress anymore, so I'm throwing in the towel. There is no resolution to this.
    9. UPDATE: Please disregard this line, and do not close the thread yet. Some new information is coming into light and while it may take a bit longer I think I should not give up just yet.[/b]
    10. UPDATED STATEMENT: I have made repeated attempts to email kikyo44 to work something better out for the both of us. I had every intention of seeing this resolved, and had emailed her many times trying to explain myself in different wording, hoping something would break through the language barrier. I am starting to suspect the language barrier isn't as strong as she is making it out to be.
      All of my emails have been ignored. She will not contact me anymore, and her DoA inbox is full, so I am unable to speak with her anywhere but here. I feel like she keeps pulling me in circles, trying to avoid the resolution and just continuing to fuss about the shipping issues. I have asked her multiple times to please confirm that if and when the package arrives she will be honest and return my money to me. EACH TIME kikyo44 has blatantly ignored this simple request.
      At this time I would like to acknowledge that I made mistakes. No one is perfect. I am sorry for the misunderstandings that may have lead to her package being shipped improperly. I understand that I should have insured it, and refused to mark the package down for her when she asked. Communication with her was extremely difficult and in the end I just was not as careful as I should have been. Paypal no longer looks out for the rights of sellers whatsoever. I have learned an expensive and painful lesson. However, I have concerns about the integrity of this buyer now, and my focus is on the resolution. I no long want to argue in circles about who is to blame for the postal service disaster.
      Right now, I am scared that she may already have the doll, or that if she does receive it, she will not tell me.
      I have been contacted by another user with concerns that kikyo44 may be connected to the buyer in an extremely similar negative transaction that they had. I don't want to post anything about that until we've looked into it further, but I will keep this updated as we do.
    11. It 's normal if i will received the order i will refund the money.
    12. Well I would have appreciated some kind of acknowledgement the first five times I asked you about that, rather than having to post it up in public like this.
    13. good morning,

      I do not know any more what to make, I am very sad of this transaction.

      I hold has say that I kept all pm / email as proof.
      I am going to explain you:

      On the 10/10/09
      I bought layaway there of 2 months has ArvanahModray:
      - a head of chrom 270$
      - legs 250$
      - hands 70$

      Therefore a total of 590$ expenses paypal including.
      With the layaway due the second week of December.
      ArvanahModray to me dispatch the total with shipping cost 635$, therefore 45$ of shipping cost.

      I hold has add that communication was good and nice with this seller, and even though I do not speak English very well, me includes well.

      On the 7/12/09

      I ended up paying the totality of the layaway, that is 635$
      She asks me then if I can top up 20$ for expenses paypal because she was unaware that they support also a lot.
      She specifies me well that I am not obliged.
      But I accept dispatch and shone 20$ additional. Therefore in total I paid him 655$.

      Then, I give her my address, and I ask her:
      " If it is possible, can you put a value inferior on the package?" to limit expenses of customhouses and flights during transport.

      She accepts and says to me that she will send the package on Friday, December 11th.

      I am happy because I thought is possible be received my package for Christmas.

      at the end of December:
      Not received the package, I ask ArvanahModray to tell me the tracking number to see where is my package.

      And she answers me that she is sorry, but that she did not send the package in EMS because I asked for a value inferior. And she refund me 10$ to reimburse a part of shipping cost ....
      I was say her , I don't want she refund 10$ , I want receved my package !.

      I confess that I very well did not understand why she did not say it to me before sending the package in letter.
      Of course if she had said to me that she could not put a value inferior, I would have said to him about envoy with value real.

      But she preferred sending it in letter, without making me by the change of delivery.
      Never I will send an order of a big value in letter, and especially during the period of holidays.
      Besides, there france, he is forbidden to send an object with a value in rate letter.

      She says that it is because I speak English badly but I am not stupid and me includes well. I know that I paid 45$ of shipping cost for a dispatch in EMS.

      I have nevertheless decide to trust in her (because she props nice and has good feedback), and I continued thinking that she really sent the package.
      She to me dispatch then a photo of a receipt with a total 20$ and she says that it is proof that it sent the package. On her proof , there is no name and no description.

      I ask her to go has its post office to know where is my package
      She tells me to wait one month (January 11th)

      Therefore, I waits one month.

      On the 14/01/10

      Having still accepted nothing, me shone dispatch a message to ask her to go back has its post office so that they perform the research of the package.
      But she answers me that her post office cannot know or is the package... O_O and that she cannot reimburse to me.

      I do not find this correct of the whole, therefore I decide to wait for the maximum to see if I received my package.

      On the 21/01/10
      I previens the seller that I am going to open a paypal litigation .
      I open paypal litigation

      Paypal gives a ruling in my favour and they will refund 461$.
      Then, her to me dispatch a message offering me to reimburse to me 50 % and what nobody put negative feedback.

      I accept its 50 % proposal

      Since then, she opens a negative feedback :?.
      I gave her all my confidence, and result ?:...( I lost my order , and I lost money
      We are adults, I thought regler of transaction so that we find an agreement.
      Before opening a paypal litigation, her wanted to reimburse nothing.
      After litigation, she offers me 50 %
      I accept 50 % and she opens a litigation...
      I find this strange.

      I have already bought doll of here, and all persons with whom I had of transaction was nice and honest, I always received my packages.
      But her I confess that it frightens me to buy back here.
      Because if the seller has the right to envoy a package to the rate which she wants, and then not to want to reimburse and to open more a negative feedback, ... for me , it's not correct

      I'm a personn honest, if I received my package one day, I will reimburse it.

      And I would like to ask her:

      "If you buy a doll, that hushed up pay in EMS, and that the seller dispatch your doll in letter (by knowing that it is very risky especially during holidays). And that the package never arrives...and your seller don't want refund your doll, That made to you ? "

      I must tell her future purchasers to pay attention, she asks to pay shipping cost expensive(with tracking number and proof) and after her dispatch with another rate not expensive (without tracking number , without proof)

      Besides, she says things distort on me in feedback.
      I am really upset.
      I ask please, of assistant to solve this transaction, which makes me ill for 1 month.
      help me please .

      *sorry for my bad english*
    14. I does not include what you search.
      You complain that I do not answer emails but you opened this topic not? and I answers you, no?
      I prefer communicating now here.
      Because last time when I accepted your proposal, you lied to me and opened a litigation.
      I begin has ask me if you really sent the package because I have an impression that you search anything to find you an excuse.
      It is easy to say that it is me who am not honest, I I paid you, and I have you trust, I waited +40 days.
      Now you lie has my subject by saying that I have already had a similar transaction? it is what this history? I have never had problem with a seller and and I have never sold O_O here

      If you are honest, why you sent a package in letter has 20$ while I paid 45$ for a dispatch ems? And without saying to anything to me?

      And why, when I asked you if it was possible to write a value lower, you said yes if you can't ? I was see in your feedback it's not the first time you sell international ....

      You do not know that he is risked to send a package of value, and wholesale trade, in the other world's end, during holidays, in rate letter ? it is strange

      Why you said to me that it was necessary to wait for a month after the dispatch so that post office throws a research and after I waited one month, hushed up says to me that they can not know where is the package????

      And why are you delete your chrom thread before the end of the transaction ?

      Besides, before opening litigation paypal, hushed up refused to reimburse 1 %
      You do not know that he is risked to send a package of value, and wholesale trade, in the other world's end, during holidays, in rate letter? it is strange.

      Why you said to me that it was necessary to wait for a month after the dispatch so that post office throws a research and after I waited one month, hushed up says to me that they can not know or is the package????

      Besides, before opening litigation paypal, hushed up refused to reimburse 1 %!

      I understands that you is possible have made an error on the mode of dispatch of the package, but it is an error which costs 655$. I think that when they sell or when they buy, it is not made without paying attention. There are responsibilities towards the purchaser or the seller.

      And the worst it is because it is you who makes error, and it is me who accepts a negative feedback O_O

      I am made tired of all this.
      I even does not understand that you search nor what you want.

      And please, do not lie about one others transaction than I would have had and than you do not know, I always remained correct with you, I would appreciate that you do the same there.
    15. STOP going in circles. I'm sick of it. I am NOT going to explain what happened anymore with the post, with the reasons for when and why the refunds took place, with why I left this feedback, with what I tried to do to make it better. You obviously don't understand -or care- what I'm saying.

      You know what, you do have negative feedback, and you get to deal with it. People can see now that your communication skills are poor and they should be very cautious if they chose to sell to you. And also be worried that maybe you'll file a Paypal claim on them, whether they can prove they shipped it or not. That's something about a buyer that every seller deserves to know.

      Don't call me dishonest because you can't understand me. I did not say another negative transaction that YOU were in. You are friends with someone who has been in a mirror-perfect transaction to ours. As sellers we are concerned about this, especially when you do things like have this friend bump your sales threads for you and have her ask to buy things for you, claiming you're not a member here. We have every right to be suspicious at this point.
    16. You keep saying a mistake that cost you $655 (or whatever amount you come up with at any given time), but you already got more than half of that back. And that is an unfair settlement when you asked me to mark the package down for you.
      I have never, ever lost a package shipped internationally. And like you said, my feedback clearly shows I've shipped all over the world. And yes, a LOT of those were sent First Class. But I'll never be shipping internationally ever again.

      This feedback thread was posted because on the night I tried to resolve the original 50-50 with you, you read my private message and then logged off. Your behavior that night was overall indicative of someone who didn't want to talk rationally. You emailed me later claiming you meant to 'talk', but all you did is yell at me in the PM before the claim was filed.
      Giving you benefit of the doubt, I personally sent a private message to a moderator asking the feedback be removed as you seemed to want to resolve things after all.
      The moderator could not do that, per DoA's rules, and so she moved the thread here, where it could be monitored and then resolved. Instead it has escalated horribly.

      You want to know what I "want"? I want a FAIR resolution until the doll is located. That means of the total we will each accept 50% losses. At that time the transaction is RESOLVED in my opinion, unless one of us should get Chrom delivered/returned to us. At that time the person in possession of Chrom will return the rest of the money to the other party.

      This section is different than the individual feedback threads. This is a place for people to work out problems they had with each other in public, with the mods' help if need be. That means if we can come to an agreement and stop fighting, this thread will be permanently locked, and there won't be any marks on your actual feedback thread.
    17. I am writing this final entry to say that while it was not the happy ending we could have hoped for, kikyo44 and I have resolved our transaction to the best of our abilities. As discussed and agreed upon, we each took 50% of the loss and hope that Chrom shows up, though with each passing day that hope diminishes.
      If the Moderators would please mark this thread as RESOLVED now before closing it for good, I would appreciate that. Thank you.