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Negative Feedback Negative transaction with Krambear

Jun 27, 2007

    1. I have not been able to get on the computer often, but I wanted to speak of my bad transaction with Krambear.


      In short: Paid for doll 1/24/07. Doll was promised to ship on 1/28/07. Doll was not shipped until 5 days later with no communication.

      Doll arrives with no jewelry set. Krambear is shipped jewelry set on 2/07/07 from Volks. She does not bother to pick it up from the post office until 13 days later. She then keeps the jewelry for one week in her possession and does not contact me, and then lies on when it was received when I PM.

      She says jewelry was shipped on 3/14/07. I never receive it, nor receive any proof of shipment. Krambear offers to refund for the jewelry set, I pm her repeatedly about it, and she never PMs me back.


      I bought an Amelia from Krambear for $1000 on 1/24/07. Krambear did not have the doll in her possession yet (She got it from the Volks after event was selling it before it arrived). Her PMs in the beginning were very fast and friendly. I was so excited for her to ship Amelia right away that I asked a friend to paypal the payment right away for me so I didn't have to transfer funds.

      Krambear had some difficulty getting the doll delivered. On 1/27/07 she wrote to me to say she had finally got the doll and would ship the next day (Saturday). But after this, her communication through PMs went downhill and I would have to PM several times to get a response from her. I waited for a tracking number but did not get it, so I wrote her a PM on Saturday night asking if Amelia was shipped. A friend of mine noticed she was online and posting on another doll forum on Sunday, but she did not bother to return my PM.

      Then she did not contact me for 5 days.

      I had sent her another PM within those 5 days asking for an update. I was very worried she was scamming me because she did not update me at all and had promised to send the doll out on Saturday. I asked my friend if she would file a paypal claim but she assured me that she had good transactions with Krambear before. I really wanted Amelia so we decided to wait a couple more days for her to respond.

      Finally on Februaray 1st, she responded saying she had shipped and did not give any reason for the delay or lack of response other than "some stuff came up so I've been a little out of the loop." She did not seem very concerned or even very sincerely apologetic at all that she left me hanging for nearly a week and did not ship Amelia on the day she promised.

      I decided not to make a big deal of it, since I just wanted the doll. Finally when she arrived I was upset to find out that she was missing her necklace and coronet set. I was informed by another member that it is sealed inside her paperwork, but it was not there. I PMed Krambear to ask if she had removed it from the box and she responded she could not remember and would look for it. She didn't find it so then she emailed Volks right away for a replacement and informed me on 2/06/07 that Volks would be sending another one.

      I have had an item replaced by Volks before, and anyone can tell you they are extremely fast on the ball. My item had been replaced in 4 days. After 2 weeks with no word from Krambear, I PMed her and asked her to please ship the jewelry set to me.

      She wrote me back to me on 2/20/07:
      I responded that I was very shocked Volks would have taken that long to respond about the jewelry as that was not like them at all. I asked her to email Volks again about it. I never received a response back from her.

      Since I was certain she was not being truthful about when the jewelry had come in since it was over a month now, I explained my situation to Volks and asked for her EMS tracking number.

      They very kindly gave it to me, and I was astounded to find out Volks has shipped the jewelry set the next day from when she had first emailed them, on 2/07/07! She had known the entire time it had been shipped and led me to believe that Volks has never sent it when I asked about it for a whole month! According to the tracking, she missed the delivery and redelivery, and then let the package sit at the post office for 13 days. Here is the EMS tracking information:

      I was very upset now and PMed her again, once more asking for the jewelry set. At this point she had had the jewelry in her possession for over a week and had not bothered to tell me. She responded on 3/13/07, claiming she'd responded to my last PM (I never received anything) and then lying that she got the jewelry "yesterday" and would ship it the next day:

      I then asked her for the EMS tracking number and she refused to give it to me. Naturally, because she was hiding the fact of when it shipped and when she had received it. I find it funny she says she has no reason to withhold anything from me, and yet she refuses to give me any information.

      I decided not to press more since I just wanted the jewelry set and then I would no longer have to deal with her. She said she shipped the jewelry on 3/14/07. 2 weeks went by and I never got the jewelry set. I PMed her again asking for a tracking number or proof of reciept that the jewelry had been shipped. I told her I did not believe she shipped the jewelry, and that I knew she had the set in her possession for a long time. Once again she denied my request and refused to show me any proof of shipment, saying she could not be bothered to find the receipt. Her final response to me:

      In my experience, when a package goes missing, you don't immediately offer a refund and not act concerned that the package might be lost. This is what led me to believe she never mailed the jewelry to me in the first place. An innocent person would have done all they could to prove they shipped the item, and would show concern that the item is possibly lost. She did none of these things and since she was dishonest about the EMS tracking, I don't think she ever shipped the jewelry. I feel like she could not have sent it because then I would notice the real ship date, so she offered to take back Amelia or refund me for the jewelry. That was her last PM to me -- I never heard from her again.

      I finally then confronted her about the EMS tracking information, and knowing she had been lying to me the entire time. I told her since I had already had Amelia's makeup changed, I could not return her. I asked for an refund offer on the jewelry set since it seemed the only option left, as it was obvious she was never going to send me the jewelry.

      Krambear never responded. I can only guess she was too embarassed at being so blatantly caught in her lies that she did not want to PM me back. I waited a week before resending the PM, just in case she claimed again she never got the first one. She never took any actions; she has never PMed me back.


      I can only warn you not to deal with Krambear from my bad experience. She is not responsive once she has your money, and the entire time she was impatient and difficult to deal with. If you run into a problem during your transaction she will not care to fix the situation and act like you are a waste of her time, and in the end turn quite nasty.

      To this day I have not received a refund or the jewelry set and I doubt I will get either. I no longer wish to deal with her, regardless.
    2. I don't know what you're referring to in having Amelia's makeup changed, blatantly caught in lies, etc? The last PM I sent you was my -nasty- response to your equally nasty one, which was the last thing I received from you. I don't know what else you're talking about.

      My local post office is well known for not delivering things on time, EMS included. I rant about it here occasionally. I didn't get a slip from them until the last week of February. There's nothing more I can really say in regards to that.

      I do like to immediately give refunds because it's easier than having to go into a whole he-said/she-said back and forth thing. And being that I didn't ship with something trackable, PP would automatically side with you if you filed a claim. To attempt to prove anything would be moot.

      I'm still happy to give you a refund, and I would be more than willing to hash out the details here as opposed to PMs, because yours seem to mysteriously disappear after being sent.

      Aside from that, I don't know what more I can say.
    3. I've just made a refund of $60 to the address which Yuki used to pay for Amelia. Whether or not it cements my guilt or innocence, it's all I can do. I didn't put tracking on the jewelry when it was mailed. Lesson learned.