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Negative Transaction with Rolopuppet

Nov 9, 2011

    1. Terrible transaction.

      She advertised a Tan Goldie, and said it had "no noticeable yellowing." When the Tan Goldie arrived, it was clear from her joints, interior headcap, shaded areas (under the butt, etc.) that she used to be a different color. There are distinct lines. Her right side was darker than her left side, which was yellowed with a green tinge.

      I bought a Tan Goldie so that I could have a Goldie that was tanned as it had come from the factory. Any color change, even natural aging, should have been noted in the sale, especially since it is uneven color change. When the mistake was pointed out, she refused to take the doll back, saying that she sold it "as is." You can not misrepresent a doll and then claim you have no obligation to take the doll back. This is the last time I'll buy something from Den of Angels.
    2. I've attached copy of the email when item was received on October 17. While discoloration is mentioned, the email does state "she is very pretty and will be very happy in my doll family"

      From: Holly Ovalle <qed@virtualinfamy.com>
      To: Rose Pope <rolopuppet@yahoo.com>
      Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 2:29 PM
      Subject: Re: Tan Wake Up Goldie-shipped
      Hi Rose:

      Look like she came a day or two early. She arrived in one piece, and aside from some color change (it's either yellowing or de-pinking/de-browning noticable from inside the joints and the head cap), she looks good. Although I'm a little bummed about the color, she is very pretty and will be very happy in my doll family. Thanks,

    3. Qybl ~ Did you want resolution in this? Please post the link to this thread in rolopuppet's individual feedback thread.