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Negative Feedback Negative Transaction with SilentWhisper

Dec 6, 2011

    1. This is Neutral/Negative feedback for SilentWhisper, I don't like having to do this, but it is best to warn other buyers.

      I contacted SilentWhisper when I saw that they were selling a body for $300, I was seeing if I could get free shipping which I knew was pretty impossible, but haggling a bit never harmed anyone. She refused, but offered to give me a $10 discount off the shipping which she quoted me at $43, so with the $10 off it would have been $33. So when I agreed and mentioned how funny the price was cause the body being $300 and shipping $33 it would have come to $333, she then turned around and said "Did I write 300 as the price....?"

      To my surprise the price had changed, and I also saw that she had changed it like just before replying back to me. I had no idea at the time that doing that was against the rules, so she tried to meet me half way by offering the body at $325. I said to her I'll pay the $350 if she included shipping, and she agreed to that.

      So I paid her and she asked if I was ok with waiting for the money to go into her bank account before she shipped it to me, and I said ok I'm fine with waiting. A couple of days was fine, so I waited. Two days later, she PMs me to tell me that the money has gotten to her account and that $14 is missing, and she suggests that I send it as personal payment so charges won't be incurred, when I saw that I was quite annoyed. I did pay the money, but I snapped at SilentWhisper in a PM telling her how I had felt. If she had told me on the day when I paid her, that $14 was missing I would have been fine with it, but this was 2 days after I had already paid a large sum of money to her and it was $350. What's worse, I was charged fees for sending the $14 which I knew would have happened. Personally she should have checked the money when I sent it to her, before she went ok and sent it off to her bank. So with the annoyed PM I also said to her I would like the body to be shipped ASAP seeing as she had the larger sum of the money and that having to have me wait til it went into her account would be a piss take.

      She totally ignored my feelings and made me wait for the money to go into her bank account before shipping, she said to me she just transferred the money and should ship out on Saturday or Monday. After having my feelings ignored I decided not to stress about it, cause there was nothing I could do now. She had my money and the body that I had bought. So I waited and I heard nothing from her on Monday, I PMed her to see what was happening, and she replies back to me saying that she will send it tomorrow, the money is pending in her account and her post office closes in an hours time. She then went that she would contact me as soon as it was sent.

      Tuesday comes I hear nothing, so I decided to wait til Wednesday before I PMed her again. Wednesday came and still no PM, I prodded her and then she replied to me with that she had sent it out and gave me a tracking number which was a number missing so I asked her again to double check it. She indeed did make a mistake and resent me the tracking number.

      I checked the Tracking and it said that she had sent it out on Thursday, she never explained or told me that there was a delay, and each time I was the one who had to PM her to see what was happening. I got the body today, though not that I mind having to clean him up, but it's just she failed to mention that he had blushing on his hands that wasn't completely taken off, there are paint marks on his neck and a glue mark on his thigh. As a seller myself I would have double checked it all before putting it on the market place and if I found any markings I would have notified the buyer afterwards even after they have paid me. I also keep to my own deadlines that I give to buyers, as I know how it feels to pay a large amount of money and not hear anything or having the seller appreciate how nerve wrecking it can be.

      Unfortunately I will not be doing business with her again.
    2. I accept that this was not the best transaction, but she did not read my thread thoroughly and I ALWAYS put on the thread that the buyer please pay paypal fees, which she did not do and was very rude to me when I reminded her about it.

      I also can't ship the package if I don't have the money in my bank account, I don't have a paypal debit card.

      Thank you.
    3. Can I just ask, how could you not have had the money, I sent you $350 minus the $14. I'm sure that would have been more then enough to have the body shipped out. I'm not trying to be rude or clever, just stating the fact that you had the larger sum of the money and was clearly more then able to send out the body when I had asked for you to ship out ASAP.

      And I don't deny being rude to you when you asked for the fees, as I stated in my original post. I wouldn't have minded if you had told me on the day, because paypal will deduct fees immediately, not after you send it to your bank account. Just imagine you're buying something that costs you a large sum of money and then two days later the seller asks you pay more because it was deducted due to the fees, how would you feel? I'd imagined you'd be annoyed too.