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Negative Feedback Negitive feedback for Reesha

Apr 1, 2018

    1. I had set up a layaway payment plan with Reesha for an SDGR boy body. Shortly after sending my deposite amount and Reesha receiving it, they refunded me my payment (thankfully).They then informed me that they were now selling the doll to someone who did not want a layaway.
      If our transaction had not been agreed upon and no payments sent, I would not think this was such a big deal. Considering my deposite was already made and the terms of layaway set this was an extremely upsetting situation.
      I no longer wish to purchase the body from Reesha, I am willing to pay more to get it from someone else.
      Before my unwanted refund communication was very good but in the end, the transaction was very negative.
      I need no further commnication with Reesha, I would just like this to be documented for any future buyers.
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    2. Actually I have a right as a seller to sell my stuff to person I want. Next time I will state it my selling thread. I broke the deal yes, but I apologized then refund your money, after you wrote me negative feedback, ok we even. But open problem transaction? Serious? Isn't your feedback not enough for that? Those people who want to buy my stuff will see it anyway. But you here and even make hints that I'm fraud. Thats just ridiculous. Be easy, calm down, Its not worth to be so upset about it and almost to seek revenge for it by writing this. Really.
      I know I failed but, please, moderator delete this thread cause she already wrote me negative feedback for it which people can see and read. I had no intension to fraud her. I didn't sell her damaged stuff or so. Isn't it too much for this deal?
    3. I was told by the moderators that this was the correct place to post negative feedback, when I originally posted in your feedback thread that was the incorrect place to post.
      After listening to recommendations this was created and the link will be placed in your feedback thread as recommended.
      In the future, once payment is received from someone most buyers consider that to be a sealed deal, almost anyone would be upset for that deal to be broken.
      As in my messages,
      Have a great Easter and hopefully your second transaction for this body goes smoothly.
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