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Neutral feedback for timchener

Jul 11, 2007

    1. I really am sorry to do this seeing as she was kind enough to leave me glowing feedback for the situation, but it is an issue I feel others should be aware of.

      I ran a Musedoll group order about... a month ago, which timchener joined. She requested four items and had the largest order; I stated in the main thread that I calculate shipping based on the percentage of the order that is yours, to keep it fair. I also stated that payment was due before a specific time, and that if you did not pay by then, I would drop you from the order.

      I have communicated with a few people recently who expressed irritation at timchener's payments; they said that they had trouble getting her to pay within a reasonable timeframe. I admit, I was a bit wary to start with.

      I sent out the invoices, and everyone paid within 12 hours... except timchener. She had been on the forum, but for nearly three days, I heard nothing from her. Concerned, I emailed, pm'd twice, and edited the main order thread requesting she contact me and pay by 5pm, or she would be dropped from the order.

      At 3pm, I recieved a reply... and she had dropped two items from her order. I had to recalcuate shipping for everyone, and being that the order had dropped below the previous shipping bracket, I had to issue refunds to the other members.

      So, to re-cap: payment was delayed beyond the initial deadline and finally given two hours before the ultimatum. Furthermore, items were dropped at the last minute and forced a last-minute payment recalculation.

      Exchanges were friendly, when they occurred, but the entire transaction left me frustrated. Again, I'm sorry to still feel this way even after receiving positive feedback from her, but that doesn't change that it was an issue I would have preferred to avoid.