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New Hujoo Babies Triplets (12cm, 3 new molds!) Is, Suve and Ted :D

Jul 10, 2010

    1. DoA MODERATION NOTE: Hujoo has released these three dolls in both resin and plastic. ONLY THE RESIN BABIES ARE ON-TOPIC FOR DOA! This is an EXTREMELY important distinction - DoA considers plastic dolls to be off-topic for the forum. Quite obviously, pictures of these dolls will not reveal whether or not the doll is made from resin or from plastic, so collectors and members are going to be expected to be on their honour to not discuss and/or show pictures of the plastic versions and more importantly, to not attempt to sell a plastic version in the DoA Marketplace!!! If this becomes problematic, the Hujoo babies will all have to be deemed off-topic for the forum. Thank you for understanding!

      Here are three new baby dolls from Hujoo, the triplets! Is, Suve and Ted:D Oh these are too adorable. They seem to have a slightly longer body than the original babies and the head molds are all new. They are all resin though I'm not certain whether they will be on topic. Anyway, I just adore the new triplets and wanted to spread the word!

      Here they are:





      And the DoA news thread:

      Ted is easily my favorite:aheartbea I just love that little face!:XD:
    2. I saw the news thread and wondered if they'd be on topic or not. I think they're adorable. I think Suve is my favorite. :)
    3. Ooohh, they are really cute! My favs are Suve & Is. I would instantly buy one if they were available in white skin too!
    4. =O! One of my firend (Para-san) got one of these, an Allie actually... they are so small! But they have huge heads!

      I totally adore~ Little ted's expression > w<
    5. The heads on these babies don't like as bobbly as the regular Hujoo dolls. They look pretty proportionate.
    6. I really think Ted is darling, I wonder how they pose and if Junky Spot will have them
    7. I also adore Ted:D Such a sweetheart. I love the hands, too.. I do hope Junkyspot will have them, sounds like if they get other Hujoos they'll have these, too eventually.
    8. Is Junkyspot the only other place to get them?
    9. I have not really been fond of the first Hujoos, they were too alien-like to my taste, but these babies look really cute. I´m wondering too, are these considered on-topic dolls as the Hujoos weren´t.
    10. OH dear ..love this size ..Im really trying not to buy right now ...I seam to have so many arround me LOL
      BUT I do like these
    11. I hear you, Carrie! Gracious, it is hard to refrain from adopting more and more isn't it?:D I'm really liking these wee babies. I wonder how well Multiheads would fit on this new body? I know they work quite well with the other.
    12. OMG I adore Suve. I want her so bad~ :whee:
    13. Does anyone know what size wig these babies wear?
    14. I've been looking and I believe they wear the 3-4 size. Also seems like they are available a few places now, Junkyspot, Mimiwoo, and the Hujoo site.
    15. Does anyone have any photos of any of them yet?
    16. I am sorely tempted to order one of these darlings... But looking at their listed measurements, I'm not sure what size of clothes they would wear...
    17. They wear about the same size clothing as pukis, I just keep wondering if I can shamelessly get Kelly's clothing for her. (or whatever they are calling Kelly theses days).
    18. I just got the email from Junkyspot talking about these little cuties, and for only $25 I couldn't pass them up. I ordered Suve and figure she will be a fun little baby doll that I can play around with. I'll post pics when she arrives!
    19. $25? How does it come that they are listed for $150 on hujoo.kr?
    20. I don't know. I ordered mine blank and it was only $25 from Junkyspot. Do they make both a resin and vinyl version? I know the one I ordered is vinyl. Here is a link to check it out http://www.junkyspot.com/obindex.html. I just figure that I can mess around with the little one and take her places since she isn't a huge investment. I think I'll either make her be a baby for one of my SDs or a doll for my littlefees and teenie gems.