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New MiniFee Karsh & Eliya

Apr 3, 2009

    1. Is Karsh going to be available without the elf ears at all?
    2. Will they be released as standard dolls in the future?
    3. Are they going to have elf ears in the A la Carte system? (I really really hope so. I adore elfs)

    4. Liria says that the heads are already available in the A La Carte system, they just do not have blank pictures of them yet.
    5. Liria- Huh quick question on Fairyland's website there is no drop down menu for selection of EMS and Country Zone. I have noticed this when wanting to get a idea of the total for the Full Set dolls. Why ????????????
    6. - Both Karsh and Eliya are available via A la Carte, although we don't have blank head image ready yet.

      - The heads have Elf ears. Currently we have no plans to produce human versions of Karsh and Eliya.

      - Shipping is free if the order is above $600. If your shopping cart has items totalling $600 or higher you won't see the zone selection when checking out.
    7. Liria, if I want to order Karsh via the A La Carte system, can I order the default face up of the Ninja Assassin??

      Thank you
    8. Yes, Karsh Full Package makeup is as same as the default style (ie. what you get from A la Carte as well).
    9. When will the pictures be up of the blank heads for the A La Carte page?
    10. Are you going to have the purple wig for sale that is shown with Eliya? I'd love the doll, but love that wig also! :)