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new yosdsize for dollfamily update size&price——

Apr 16, 2009

    1. the boy's idea come from a book.
      the book‘s name is Xiyouji。

      the boy English name is fire
      Chinese mean’s Honghaier,


      Height: 33cm
      Head circumference: 23cm
      Neck circumference: 7.2cm
      Shoulder Width: 8cm
      Arm length: 8.4cm
      Bust: 17.2cm
      Waist: 17.5cm
      Hips: 19cm
      Long back: 10.7cm
      Rough thigh: 11.2cm
      Leg length: 14.7cm
      Foot length: 4.8cm
      my email& msn: easylk2@hotmail.com
      my paypal dress:easylk2@163.com
      if you want to order to me,please email or pm for me.thank you.
      121usd: head x1 body x1 foots x1 (sp foots )x1
      Hands x 2 (hands=2 hands,foots=2 foots)

      horn‘s price:18usd

      shiping:30usd (without for hk&taiwan&Macon)
      hk&taiwan&Macon’s shiping:5 usd

      pp fee:4%(I'm only have paypal,if you want to pay for visa or the other,Please go to Ebay shop:
    2. Do you have a link to the company page for the little guy? Please.

      - ShadowHawke -
    3. hi:
      company page is bad。
      www.dollfamily.com.cn this the company page
    4. He is wonderful! Are his horns removable?

      When will he be available?
    5. Hope noone minds that I add a bit of background info on this little fellow and its story, in case someone's interested.

      "Xiyouji" directly translates as "Tales of Travels to the West", one of the four most famous novels written in Chinese history. Strictly speaking "Xiyouji" is of the historical fantasy genre, being (VERY loosely) based on the travels of a Chinese Bhuddist monk to India in search of "the scriptures of the West" in the Tang dynasty (circa the 16th century).

      In the novel, the monk accepts three disciples on his way to India; one was a monkey born from a rock, one a deity that was punished for lechery by being bound in the form of a pig, and another a river-gargoyle/goblin, in that order.

      The monkey-disciple was apparently especially skilled in combat, and was responsible for getting rid of many a monster that the gang came across during their travels. The motives of the monsters were usually one and the same - to eat the monk and therefore gain immortality. One of these monsters was "Honghaier" (directly translates as "the red child"), the child of a bull-monster and a woman who wields a fan of iron capable of "fanning out" the fires of the volcano they live in.

      The story of this child ends when he is at last employed by one of the most powerful deities in heaven as his/her aide, and decides to work for the good side.

      "Honghaier" is excellent at combat, usually uses an 4-metre-long spear and is capable of spewing out fire.
    6. Just wish the site was more in English. Will he be sold thru a service or directly from the company?

      - ShadowHawke -
    7. He is so cute!!! A few questions... what is the price? Are his horns and the fire on his feet removable? Will he be a full-set, or will you be able to get the basic, too? Thank you, he is so adorable!
    8. Dollfamily dolls are also available from Happyhouse and Dolls Singing (ebay shop). I guess Honghaier will become available through them too in a while^^
    9. The Japanese title to this story is "Saiyuki", which might be more familiar to some people.

      All the story details are the same as kuroicho stated, but the character names are Genzo Sanzo (or just Sanzo) for the monk, Son Goku is the monkey God, Cho Hakkai is the lustful pig demon, and Sha Gojo is the river monster.

      Just a bit of extra trivia. ;)
    10. for some reason I can not pull up the site, anyone else having this problem?
    11. :sweatSaiyuki is the manga adpatation of the novel, and many aspects were changed (e.g. the persona of "Cho Hakkai"). Personally, I think it has even more elements of fantasy or even sci-fi compared to the novel.

      Nevertheless, thanks, MistressMyaje for the additional info.
    12. Kuroicho- There are many, many adaptations of this story. The manga you're referring to is an example, but I don't think it's what MistressMiaje was describing...

      I translated the page (yay~ Babelfish!) but couldn't find any information about the lil' guy's price. Maybe this girl's page, which includes measurements, could be a good estimate... though she doesn't have horns or flaming feet! :sweat
    13. hi:
      the girl size
      Height: 16cm
      Head circumference: 12.8cm
      Neck circumference: 4.cm
      Shoulder Width: 3.5cm
      Long arm: 3.7cm
      Chest: 7.8cm
      Waist circumference: 7.8cm
      Hips: 10cm
      Back long: 3.8cm
      Rough thigh: 5.1cm
      Leg length: 6.9cm
      Feet long: 2.5cmestimate
    14. First post says:

      121usd: head x1 body x1 foots x1 (sp foots )x1
      Hands x 2 (hands=2 hands,foots=2 foots)

      angel‘s price:18usd

      shiping:30usd (without for hk&taiwan&Macon)
      hk&taiwan&Macon’s shiping:5 usd

      But I have no clue what "angel's price" means.
    15. so sort of characters from the story about the Buddhist monk Tripitaka and his helpers... which is how id know it an probably alot of others

    16. Yes.. before that it said "actress's price" so I'm a bit confused as to what this might be.
    17. I‘m sorry angel’s means horn
      horn price 18 usd
    18. This is old, but since there isn't one yet, I made a discussion thread here!