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Ningyotan BJD - Grab Bag Prize for new & old subscribers (choice of SD, MSD & YoSD)

Oct 6, 2009

    1. Discussion thread here

      I’ve been given some promotional items by Guess Doll who I'm an agent for and they make clothes, shoes & wigs for all doll sizes!! They are such a pleasure to deal with and always give free items with my orders so I'm happy to promote their products via a grab bag!!!

      Your choice of SD, MSD or YoSD sized grab bag.

      There’s another promotion coming up with them and also a photo competition for the website, lots of new items coming in all the time and lots happening so I’d like to encourage more subscribers!!

      Click the link in the signature and either sign up as a “subscriber only” OR a customer. Select the "HTML" option and then you’ll be in the draw. There’s always a text only version sent with the HTML in case you are being a firewall at your location and can’t receive HTML.

      If you are already a subscriber to the newsletter you are automatically in the draw!!

      Promotion ends Tuesday 20th October at midnight Australia EST.

      Terms & Conditions
      - Customer is required to pay for postage from Australia, International postage will not exceed $25US but will likely be much less, depends on doll 'size' chosen, enquire at ningyotan@gmail.com if curious
      - Customer CANNOT subscribe for the purpose of entering the draw & then unsubscribe, all entrants must remain subscribed for 3 months or chances to partake in future promotions will be revoked
      - Items are random for the doll size
      - Items from other companies besides Guess Doll may be included in the grab bag
      - Cannot be used as credit against existing stock or preorders
    2. Lots of entrants so far, so many in fact it's great . . . .

      One more week to go for those who didn't see the initial post!!
    3. Last day tomorrow!!
    4. Have the winners been announced?
    5. I've got the winner but they aren't replying to their emails :(

      Not sure what to do as I need their permission to publish them as the winner!
    6. It might be getting filtered as spam... :( Try and stalk them through social networking sites? Lol, that might not be ethical!
    7. Maybe just publish the first 3 letters of there name or id? in the subject line?

      Winner tre*******
      or something?
    8. Are they a member of DoA? Can you PM them? If not, give them a week and then find someone else?
    9. Hello! I know everyone wants to be helpful, but please offering suggestions/solutions should be sent via PM or email, not posted here. The question being posed is really off the specific News topic and is not necessarily of general interest. Thanks for understanding.
    10. Hi everyone,

      This has been redrawn, just waiting on permission from the new winner to publish it!!

    11. Congratulations to "sakuraharu" here on Den of Angels who has chosen an SD sized grab bag!!!

      Thank you to all who entered!!