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No reply from face up artist Cainkeita - RESOLVED

Mar 31, 2010

    1. Hi I really hate to do this but I am kinda worried now.
      I sent my Littlefee Ante Elf face plate to her for a face up.
      She accepted my commission on 4 Jan 2010.
      On 13 March, she sent me updates and a photo of my face plate.
      On 16 March she confirmed my payment of USD $50 and said that she will post it in the next few days then.
      It is the end of March now and I have yet to recieve the faceplate, nor a reply from her about my EMS tracking number or a confirmation that she have sent it out.
      I have pmed her twice once on 24/3 and once on 28/3.
      I know she came online these few days as her profile said that she was online yesterday.
      "Last Activity Yesterday 09:54 PM"

      I'd like to get a reply soon as this commission took close to 3 months when it was stated on her thread that turn over time would be 2 weeks at the time when I commissioned her and 3-4 weeks now.

      I'd like to page her and hope that she could give me updates on the faceplate.
    2. Cainkeita was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I recieved a delivery slip today.
      I will treat this case as resolved though I am quite unhappy with the ignoring of all my messages on Cainkeita's part.
    4. I checked the delivery details and it was shipped on 2 April.
      Will update again when I get the package.
    5. Cainkeita have replied me today.
      She said she was sent abroad by her company for work, thus was in a rush when she left and was therefore unable to reply to me.
      I have accepted her explanation and thus treat this as resolved amiably..