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No reply from Ilhan - RESOLVED

Apr 2, 2010

    1. Okay! I hate to do this because Ilhan has been very sweet and kind throughout our pms. I always enjoyed pming her when I had questions. I purchased a modded open-eyed Euclase Mediation head from her on layaway for a month. I promised I'd pay half now, which I had paid her already about three weeks ago starting tomorrow, and half after her friend gave it a face-up and it was all ready to ship. She's been very kind throughout our transactions, communication had been quite slow but she informed me she was busy with studying for exams which is extremely understandable since I am a university student and I understand how time consuming school can be.

      But beginning tomorrow she hasn't replied to any of my pm's for three weeks now. I'm not mad or anything, but more so worried. Her artist has been in semi contact with me, but communication is a bit slow as well as delays with my face-up. I've been contacting her through email for she has not been able to create a DOA account since our registration has been down lately. She informs me she has not heard from Ilhan either. I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing so I thought I'd try getting her paged. I just really want to get some contact with her so I can get my head, but I also hope everything is okay with Ilhan.

      This is the last pm I received from Ilhan before she dropped contact:


      03-12-2010 10:42 AM
      Member [​IMG] Join DateFeb 2009LocationSpainPosts48

      Re: hey!

      Hi!! (sorry for the delay of answering, the studies are the cause, i'm a little distracted ;____;)

      I just see the paypal and I've recived the payment ^^ And she said to me that will answer you the mail this night ok?? she had got a little accident (her hand was burnt) but is better now and she can paint >.< Tomorrow i will gave the head to her and pm you okk¿¿

      Thaaanks for your patient!!:aheartbea:aheartbea


      I hope everything is okay.


    2. Just a note: in Spain, we're in holidays now. Maybe Ilhan went on a trip or something. The Spanish forum where this member was registered is currently down and so I cannot let this member know you're looking for him. But I'll drop Ilhan a line when the forum comes back if you haven't reached this member by then ;) I think Ilhan is a boy? .__. Good luck meanwhile!
    3. Oh okay! Thanks for the heads up! Im not mad at them or all! I just wanted to know if everything was okay!
    4. I just have sent you a pm, i'm so sorry Toxic ;____; I didn't want to make you be worried. I tell you the reason in the pm for not contact you ^^ As Shin said it's holiday here and that difficult something the comunication ;___;
    5. Awe no worries! I understand. Mods you can fix this, I don't believe there is a problem anymore.
      I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings by opening this thread >.< And I hope you get better soon Ilhan <3