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Nobility Doll's Service (issue is resolved, but warning for others)

Sep 2, 2007

    1. I believe in leaving feedback when a transaction with any doll company goes badly. This issue is now resolved, but I feel like sharing it with others. I can never, and will never, recommend anyone purchase from NobilityDoll.

      A friend of mine ordered one of their 'emotional' bodies for me. (Please forgive me if I mix pronouns a bit, 'she, me, we'... my friend and I were in total contact about everything the whole time.) NobilityDoll has stated more than once that they can match the colour of their resin to Volks and LUTS. They also make different neck pieces to accomodate the different head sizes these companies have. When my friend ordered the body, she selected the LUTS neck part from the drop down menu and very clearly stated in the order notes that we needed it matched to LUTS normal skintone. There was also one further, plainly-stated request made in addition to how to label the package.

      It was a TERRIBLE disappointment when the body arrived and it was anything but Luts normal skintone. (In fact, it was on the opposite side of the skintone spectrum and was VERY yellow!) They hadn't even sent along the correctly sized neck part. They had also ignored the special request I made in regards to the labeling. We had made three very clear, very easy to understand requests. And NobilityDoll ignored ALL of them.

      Whenever we contacted NobilityDoll about the various problems, they always took a very long time to respond. At first they didn't seem to understand they had messed up at all, but after showing them photographs and repeating the problem, they finally agreed to casting the body again. (They never even responded to or acknowledged the neck issue whatsoever.) They asked for the first body back and stated several times that they would refund me for the shipping cost, no matter how expensive it was. (They also had a cheek to tell me how to label the packaging! When they had ignored the very same requests we had given them!!) Shipping ended up costing around $70~. I also sent a spare LUTS hand so they could use it for colour matching. It seemed that even though they advertise that they can resin-match on request, they had no way of actually living up to that promise!

      After I sent the body back, I had my friend relay my PayPal payment details to Nobility Doll. Nobility Doll left us waiting for over a week in regards to this. They finally responded saying they were going to include the payment IN THE BOX. It was so totally unacceptable! Last I checked, it was actually illegal to mail currency abroad in such a way! (Not to mention that because of my specific situation, I have no way of getting in-hand money where it needs to be without a lot of fees.) We emailed them saying that it was illegal and totally inappropriate to send the payment in the box and that they must use paypal. (My friend paid for the doll with paypal... surely they should use paypal to send reimbursement!) But the emails about it were just ignored.

      There was plenty of time for them to send paypal payment before they ended up shipping the body, but they never did. My new body arrived yesterday and while the skintone match is much better this time and they sent a thicker neck piece, they did indeed also include an envelope with $70 CASH.

      In summary, NobilityDoll not only ignored all of my original requests, but ignored emails, and took a very long time to respond to any of the issues we were having. They also jerked me around about reimbursing me for the cost of shipping in an appropriate manner. As I have said, I have my body now and I have $70~ useless in-hand cash, but I wanted to warn people about dealing with NobilityDoll. Particularly if you want to take them up on their resin-matching offer. Its been such a massive headache.
    2. That's horrible news! But thank you for posting this, I was considering buying one of those bodies. I won't now. Thank you again!