Nympheas Dolls

Dec 9, 2012

    1. I've been waiting for Joy to come out ever since I saw her first photos!
      I ordered her in the fair. I loved the dark too, it was so hard to pick.
    2. Thank you so much Stella <3
    3. I love your work! I haven't bought a doll in a long time, but I knew I had to have little Joy when I saw her adorable smiley face. I also love the "big head" thing. Elle est trop belle (She is very beautiful)
    4. I just received my Fanny and absolutely adore it!))
      My Latidolls love it too)))
      Fanny arrived by PumaNoire, on Flickr[/quote]
    5. Oh thank you Stella Maris !
      Joy is my favorite human face in my creations because i the volume are prettier than my other molds...

      PumaNoire thank you so much, your pics are lovely ^^
    6. I have ordered a fantasia and can't wait to get the little scamp!

      Does anyone know her wig size?
    7. she wear 5/6 inch :)
      i work on her
    8. I can't wait to see here! Thank you!!
    9. reaaaally soon <3
    10. I shall do the happy dance of my people. :D
    11. Fantasia is adorable! I have one, I love her toothy grin. She only has one horn, parce qu'elle est perdu l'autre lol...(she lost the other)
      I know she's going to be pals with my Joy...
    12. Do you have any pictures of your Fantasia, Stella? I'd love to see them!
    13. My little water demon is here and she's perfect! Sophie did an amazing job on her custom face up with literally only that description to go on. She has tiny fish scales on her right side and fishtail eyeliner on her left. She's charming, and her wig arrived the day before she did! She's a character in a fantasy based game of mine, so this is only a temporary outfit. But just so everyone knows, Vi and Va doll clothes fit Fantasia perfectly.

      [​IMG]All dolled up by Sarah L, on Flickr
    14. thank you so much for the pics, i'm so happy you like the makeup i do for you Fish demon ^^
      thank you to give me such an original work to do :)

      Stella, did you need another horns ?
    15. Hi!!! Sorry I've been off forum for days...
      Yes! I need only one for my lil baby, I promise to take more pictures of her today, she's my constant companion!
      I love the little GID babies, they are sweet.
      I am so excited to say I will be working in Austin this year with Oobie doll, and I know we plan to host your amazing work. I can't wait!
    16. Really you go with her !!!
      so good news, i cant wait to see the ooak she do on my dolls :)
    17. Here is my little sweet Nympheline. She always make me so glad whenever I see her. :)[​IMG]Nympheline by Trullerie, on Flickr
    18. Is this the most active thread for nympheas dolls? I'm just curious where to discuss her latest creation Squirrel. She is soooo precious. Is anyone planning on getting her?
      Here is the link to her info page:
      Squirrel Cinnamon PREORDER - Nympheas Dolls BJD
    19. Thank you so much for your interest Meggethan :)
      is the only Nympheas thread on nympheas dolls,you also could follow me on facebook :
      Nympheasdolls Sophie | Facebook

      see you <3
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    20. Just ordered a Brioche kitty within an hour of seeing one on flickr! Impulse buy? No regrets. He'll make a fantastic companion for my DollZone Burton TomCat.